Courting Collection - "Rose" Floral Abstract Art Print

Courting Collection - "Rose" Floral Abstract Art Print



"Rose" is an abstract limited edition and signed print from the Courting collection at Martyn White Designs. Each print has a limited availability of ten, never to be reproduced again.

Each print in the courting collection has taken approximately three months to design. Each colour and section individually selected and digitally edited to create the finished design.

A bright and vibrant design that has been inspired by the relationship between an insect and the flower itself, from afar the flower appears whole as it is a photograph, as you get closer to the image the viewer discovers that it is intact made up of abstract shapes and colours to create the image of a flower.

Limited edition, signed and dated print available in four sizes printed on 250gsm Silk paper. Limited availability of ten prints.

A0: 33.1 X 46.8 Inches
A1: 23.4 X 33.1 Inches
A2: 16.5 X 23.4 Inches
A3: 11.7 X 16.5 Inches

*Print may vary from displayed images, display images only to be used as a rough guide. Frame is not included.

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