Dawn + Dusk: Full Day Collection

Dawn + Dusk Full Day Collection (30cl) Luxury Soy Candle Day and Night



The Dawn + Dusk: Full Day Collection

Twin candles that complement the progression through the day. Start your morning with the fresh marine scents of rock salt & Driftwood to lift and freshen your day. As evening sets in, expose the rich complimenting essence of pomegranate and leather to add calm to your surroundings. Each candle contains a touch of the twin's scent to harmoniously connect the candles, adding a soothing transition between fragrances. 

This hand made candle has an approximate burn time of up to 40 hours each.

Using the highest quality eco soy wax and a high-quality cotton wick for an even burning flame, the wax melts to a beautiful honey cream colour, slowly releasing the fragrant oils into the surroundings. Individually hand made, ensuring the best quality. 

Dawn + Dusk, a collection of twin candles designed to compliment the progression of the day. Using two extremes of one fragrance, the Dawn candle (white) has been designed to pick up the fresh morning scent whilst the Dusk candle (black) embraces the rich and darker scent for the evening, creating related scents that compliment one another perfectly throughout duration of the day.

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