Delve Collection - "Chrysler" New York Landmark Print

Delve Collection - "Chrysler" New York Landmark Print



Chrysler is an enhanced photographic print from the Delve collection of the Chrysler Building Skyscraper in Manhattan. Inspired by New York landmarks, I have tried to capture each print in an unfamiliar way, whether that be from an unusual angle or next to other buildings. 

Each Print is signed, numbered and dated, limiting each design to thirty pieces. Once the print has sold out, it will never be reproduced. 

Delve signed prints available in four sizes printed on 250gsm Silk paper

Size Measurements:
A0: 33.1 X 46.8 Inches
A1: 23.4 X 33.1 Inches
A2: 16.5 X 23.4 Inches
A3: 11.7 X 16.5 Inches

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