Philippa Craddock: Flower Workshop

Martyn White

Posted on July 20 2017

Highly acclaimed florist Philippa Craddock shares her expert advice when it comes to styling flower arrangements of any size.

Philippa Craddock shared tips and advice on how to style the perfect floral arrangement of any size, from large event displays to small home bouquets at her fascinating floral demonstration in the Chelsea Design Centre. The highly acclaimed florist has catapulted to the top of florist world, releasing a lifestyle collection, opening a concession in Selfridges and catering for some of the finest weddings, events, campaigns and projects to showcase some of the most impressive and dramatic floral displays. During the afternoon event, guests enjoyed a glass of Champagne whilst also having the opportunity to have a go at floral arrangements themselves whilst being taken through the process and execution of producing a beautiful arrangement to attract attention.

Philippa Craddock floral styling workshopPhilippa Craddock floral styling workshop at the Chelsea Design CentrePhilippa Craddock floral styling workshop at the Chelsea Design Centre

It would not be a true Chelsea Design Centre demonstration without the glitz and glamor, for which this demonstration certainly lived up to. Starting out with a very large flower urn, surrounded by gorgeous bunches of wild flowers in subtle pinks, blues and whites, Craddock described the importance of size and height when styling for larger spaces to keep in with proportions and for the arrangement to have a strong presence. The style of the arrangement centred around wild country flowers, using types with soft and subtle tones. Starting with strong foliage with defining leaves, the aim was to create a structure in the form of a dome shape to act as a guide for the arrangement. Placing one style of flower a time into the block of floral foam, the skill was to work around the urn from the bottom and then up towards the top to keep symmetry.

Philippa Craddock floral styling workshop at the Chelsea Design CentrePhilippa Craddock floral styling workshop at the Chelsea Design CentrePhilippa Craddock floral styling workshop at the Chelsea Design Centre

Passing flowers around the room for guests to smell and interact with, Craddock explained the use of each flower and how each species had been specially selected and placed, layer at a time to create shape. Taller and thin flowers were selected to add height to the centre, whilst smaller, rounded flowers help define the shape and curvature to the lower half of the display.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to understand arrangements on a professional level whilst gaining inspiration and an insight into flowers and species that can give a floral display a unique edge to stand out from the rest. Whilst we may think it is a simple job to arrange flowers, it can be a huge job to create the elegance and symmetry applied by the professionals.

For information on upcoming events hosted by the Chelsea Design centre, click to view the official web page. Details on Philippa Craddock, services and the online store can be found on the official website.


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