Geo-Fleur: Discovering the perfect houseplant

Martyn White

Posted on October 27 2016

Houseplants soften those hard edges and add a natural beauty to the home. Whilst it can be hard to find the perfect plant suitable for a room, Geo-Fleur are on hand to help.

As I have mentioned many times previously, house plants can completely transform a space. They add a touch of natural beauty, soften hard edges and connect us to the great outdoors. As a massive plant obsessive, I know just how hard it can be to source the perfect house plant, especially when you live in a large city such as London where access to garden centres and nurseries can be very limited. Whilst many give up and resort to sourcing plants from the small and almost boring collections available at our local DIY stores, I was relieved to finally discover a place that offers gorgeous quality plants and expert advice on what works best for the home. 

Geo-Fleur house plant display on shelvingCactus in scandinavian black and white geometric plant pot Geo-FleurTall cactus plants for the home on display at Geo-Fleur London

Making my way to the Geo-Fleur store in Stratford over the weekend, I was amazed to see the variety of plants on display, from the true classics that we have all grown to love to brand new unusual exotic varieties that thrill the senses. The biggest mistake that many people make when shopping for houseplants is that they will select a plant purely on aesthetics, disregarding the caring instructions which can lead to very unhappy and not very pleasant looking plants in the long run. With expert advice on hand and an extreme amount of plant knowledge to share, you will not only go home with a great looking plant, you will have one that is suited to the environment of your home.

Beautiful plants for the home interior design Geo-Fleur Londoncloseup of cactus needles with pink flowers Geo-FleurCactus house plants on display at Geo-Fleur London

With such a diverse range of exciting plants on offer, I was thrilled to take home a few for myself, including a fiddle leaf fig, two gorgeous Jade plants with pink tipped leaves and  fascinatingly shaped cactus, unlike anything I have seen before. Now that I have found a company that puts the quality and excitement back into shopping for plants, I don't think I can go anywhere else. 

Remember to avoid the DIY stores and go straight to the people that know what they are doing. 

For further details and stock check out the official Geo-Fleur website. 



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