Bombay Sapphire: The Cocktails

Martyn White

Posted on August 09 2016

Bombay Sapphire invited six of London's top mixologists to create the gin cocktail of the future, combining Bombay Saphire with the mixologist's unique style.

Bombay Sapphire invited six of the UK’s leading mixologists from some of London’s most acclaimed bars to create a reinterpreted expression of the Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic. Inspired by the ten exotic botanicals that create the gin's iconic taste, each mixologist was asked to explore the future of this famous drink, ensuring that the core elements of the recipe are maintained whilst creating an expression that plays with the classic compounds of the gin & tonic using their trademark, innovative style. This is what the mixologists created.

Bombay Sapphire cocktail designs

"Ariana's Garden" - Constanca Corderior, Peg & Patriot

It was the refreshing and uplifting character of Bombay Sapphire’s crisp and delicate liquid that inspired  Constanca Corderiro to create ‘Ariana’s Garden’, a garden cocktail featuring earthy notes from homemade dill syrup, peashoot infused Bombay Sapphire and jasmine. This drink has been presented in beautiful hand painted glassesand comes with its own garden soundtrack. Slip on the headphones and enjoy the drink in a distant calming world.

Bombay Sapphire Creative Atelier-Constanca Codeiro-Peg and PatriotAriana's Garden by Constanca Cordeiro, Peg & Patriot

"Whoops Daisy" - Andy Mil, Cocktail Trading Company 

A creation that celebrates the journey the gin and tonic has taken over the past 200 years. Whoops Daisy comes as a set of three drink that takes you on the journey. Using ingredients such as Boiron morello cherry and cranberry puree, hazelnut, orange blossom and citric syrup. The drink is displayed in a knocked over wine glass, that when tea is added to it, turns into a delicious cocktail.

Bombay Sapphire Creative Atelier-Andy Mill-Cocktail Trading CompanyWhoops Daisy by Andy Mil, Cocktail Trading Company

G & Ice-T - Dav Eames, Gilbert Scott 

This refreshing cocktail focuses on the ‘gin & tonic moment’ of the day, featuring thyme and elderflower tonic snow. For those wanting to turn mixologist themselves, there is even an option to assemble the drink yourself, creating your own patterns and layers to find that perfect taste.

Bombay Sapphire Creative Atelier-Dav Eames-The Gilbert ScottG & Iced-T by Dav Eames, Gilbert Scott

"Gateway to Bombay" - Dean Shurry, Chiltern Firehouse 

Inspired by the dryness and bitterness of a traditional gin & tonic, Gateway to Bombay features barrel aged fermented tonic with Bombay air that nods towards the birthplace of the gin & tonic in India. Simple yet elegant in style, this cocktail lets the taste do the talking.

Bombay sapphire Creative Atelier-Dean Shurry-Chiltern FirehouseGateway to Bombay by Dean Shurry from Chiltern Firehouse

"Nature's Yield" George Simmons, Heddon Street Kitchen

Taking presentation of cocktails to a whole new level. Nature's Yield from George Simmons is served exactly as you see it, with Bonsai tree and tonic droplets to flavour your drink. This is the eye opening cocktail for style as well as taste.

Bombay Sapphire Creative Atelier-George Simmons-Heddon Street KitchenNature's Yield by George Simmons from Heddon Street Kitchen

"Nettle Beer Collins" Marcis Dzelzainis, Sager + Wilde

This drink by Marcis Dzelzainis re-examines industrialised ingredients whilst focusing on the reviving and health benefits of tonic back in the 1920s. Using home brewed nettle beer, which can surprisingly be consumed on its own, this cocktail does not need to scream style, it quite happily lets your tastebuds judge for themselves.

Bombay Sapphire Creative Atelier-Marcis Dzelzainis-Sager and WildeNettle Beer Collins by Marcis Dzelzainis, Sager + Wilde

Having tried all the cocktails for myself, I can honestly say that I was surprised with the variety of tastes, each one entirely different from the next. There will be a cocktail and taste for everyone out there and with six incredible locations to try out these drinks until the end of the year, it is time to get exploring! 

Bombay Sapphire Distillery Tour


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