Wedgwood by Lee Broom

Martyn White

Posted on May 01 2017

Lee Broom launches an exclusive collection with Wedgwood at Harrods, exploring the designs of Jasperware.

Lee Broom has joined forces with Wedgwood to create a limited edition collection of reimagined Jasperware designs to celebrate Wedgwood's 250 year history. This is also an important year for Broom, who is celebrating a decade of his designs at Milan this year. Designing the collection, Broom has taken several classic pieces from varying time periods and stripped them back to their ornate detailing. Inspired by the rich history of the Wedgwood brand and the impact that Jasperware pieces have had in many areas of design, Broom has stayed true to the original form whilst applying his own unique style, showcasing the very best from each brand.

At first glance, the collection may appear to be entirely different to the originals.The beautiful ornate detailing that once dressed the exterior has been removed and replaced with bold black and white stripes and vivid glazed colouring. Even with these bold changes, it is still clear that these remain strong Wedgwood designs, holding the same grandeur and quality of design of the Jasperware that predates it. 

The Wedgwood by Lee Broom collection features four beautiful designs, each with a limited availability of just fifteen pieces. The four designs are: Wedgwood vase on Blue Rectangle, Vase on Orange Sphere, Bowl on Red Sphere and Ornamental Vase on Yellow Sphere. Each design captures the unique form of a Jasperware piece throughout time, destined to become icons of design themselves in the future. 

The collection launched exclusively with Harrods during March 2017 and is part of the Art Partners collection, celebrating the unique partnerships and collaborations that Harrods has been able to enjoy during its impressive history. 

For further details and information on the collection visit the official Lee Broom or Wedgwood website. The pieces can be purchased directly from Harrods of their online store. 


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