Vitamin: The Modern Frontier

Martyn White

Posted on February 26 2015

Vitamin Living, a vibrant and characterful collection of vases, lighting pendants and home accessories with a modern luxurious twist.

Vitamin is a brand that I stumbled across a few weeks ago, I had seen their products but never knew where or who they were designed by. It says a lot about a brand when you see one of their products and it instantly sticks, you never forget about it and it brings a smile to your face when you see it again. When I finally discovered the company that was responsible for designing these fun and vibrant lighting designs, I visited their website and viewed every single item they had to offer. Not only are they exceptionally talented, they have products that speak for themselves and they aren't afraid to exhibit their character.

Vitamin Small Knot Pendant Lamp with vibrant rope colours

It was the small knot pendant lamp that I had seen a few times before I finally discovered the brand. I love the design, it is fun, vibrant and artistic. There is a simplicity about its presence which really highlights the part of a lighting fixture that you very rarely look at. Perfect for contemporary and modern interior spaces, grouped or by itself, this pendant lamp is one of the very few light fittings that looks just as fantastic off as it does on.

Vitamin Living Elements Vessels No. 2, 3, 5 and 6

Whilst spending hours admiring the full range of products, it was the elements vessels that really caught my eye. A big part of the design and a product for me is the materials used and the finishes it creates.The elements vessels are all about this, each displaying a unique character and style. There are ten different styles of elements vessels, each crafted from incredible materials, making the most of what they have to offer. My personal favourite is Element Vessel No. 6 (top left above) the marble adds such an elegant feel to its design whilst the rose-gold plated steel trim adds finesse to the luxurious walnut and oak woods.

Vitamin white ceramic Tab A multi functional vase

Just as elegant as the Calla Lily it holds, the Tab A vase is much more than a regular vase. This beautiful design contains a bowl in the lower part of the base which is perfect for storing keys, coins or potpourri. The two sections connect together to create a simple design that defines the look of the vase, creating an object that is not only beautiful but practical at storing those unwanted eyesores away from the eye.

Vitamin Large Knot glass pendant lamp with vibrant rope colours

With an abundance of stunning and individual designs, I could have featured them all in this article but I will let you discover them on the Vitamin website (you will be on there for hours!). I wanted to bring your attention back to the lighting design that is grabbing everyone's attention. The Knot pendant lamp is also available in a larger style as imaged above. The larger design contains an outer glass shade to give it a much wider appearance, yet still directing the attention to the colourful knotted chord design.

This truly inspirational British brand, with design at its heart, has definitely made it into my list of top design companies. As I have said before, it is rare to see a brand that sticks with you and I am incredibly happy to be sharing their designs with you today. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them and I will most definitely be waiting with bated breath at the release of new products in the future.

If you would like to see the full range and discover more about Vitamin, click the link to go to their WEBSITE.


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