Tom Dixon: Cog Collection

Martyn White

Posted on April 18 2015

The iconic and industrial inspired cog collection from Tom Dixon, brass designs of candle holders, containers and pen set designs. 

Designs and materials that are instantly recognisable. Tom Dixon has become one of the most popular and sought-after designers for home accessories and furniture. His iconic designs are inspired by an industrial world, focusing on the finer detail, using the highest quality of techniques and materials. His fascinating history and experiences have created objects and designs that are not only unique but recognisable to the brand identity that we see today.

Tom Dixon Cog brass candlestick collection

The industrial references within Tom Dixon's designs make them incredibly inspiring. Dixon has transformed industrial design and made it attractive, fashionable and luxurious. Taking a small object such as a cog, designed solely with functionality and strength in mind and transforming it into a desirable object full of character has become the iconic signature of his brand.

Tom Dixon brass cog candelabra

The Cog collection is a set of designs I have wanted to share with you for a while. It continues the signature style and transforms familiar items, regularly seen in homes into unrecognisable industrial machine parts. These objects gleam with a modern brass finish, creating striking features, adding a touch of luxury to any space. A personal favourite is the Cog Candelabra seen above, a machine part abruptly frozen in motion.

Tom Dixon brass cog candle holder medium

A great thing about Tom Dixon products is the ease of creating striking features. Each design has enough detail and elegance to comfortable stand alone, creating a key accessory within a space. Combine these items together to easily amplify a presence, creating a larger and captivating focal point. These combinations work with the entire collection, something incredibly unique for a brand.

Tom Dixon brass cog industrial desk tidy

The full Cog collection consists of several groups of items. The beautiful candlesticks including the candelabra, three elegant styles of lighting pendants, desk tidies and storage, and finally, two intricately designed pens, works of art in themselves. The collection is inspired by great British engineering, referencing precision manufacturing and transforming it into beautiful works for the home.

Tom Dixon Brass cog storage containers

I wanted to mention the Cog pens separately as it is a true example of detailing and what makes this brand truly outstanding. There is such a passion for smaller items and accessories, often overlooked or classed as unworthy by other designers. To design a desk tidy and storage is a beautiful compliment to a piece of furniture, such as a desk that most designers would focus on. To design the pens that can be stored in the desk tidy takes the level of detail and thought to an impressive level. It inspires me that there is no item too small or too large that Tom Dixon will not consider, something that other brands should take an example from.

Tom Dixon Cog Pen collection

Tom Dixon Brass cog pen collection


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