Tom Dixon Brew Collection

Martyn White

Posted on July 20 2015

The Tom Dixon Brew coffee Collection. A luxurious range of copper designs including a biscuit tin, milk pan, espresso cups, caddy and cafetiere.

When it comes to modern British design icons, Tom Dixon is at the top with his rich industrial inspiration, transforming regular and usually overlooked items, into gleaming metallic masterpieces. Earlier this month I got an exclusive look into the breathtaking new coffee collection titled "Brew" and as usual, the designs never fail to impress.

Tom Dixon copper brew collectionTom Dixon Copper Coffee Collection

Every season there seems to be an evolution in design, an extra layer revealed from the Tom Dixon brand and the Brew collection appears to be a development and expansion of the equally gorgeous "Form" tea collection with its art deco, brass finish. Brew consists of eight beautifully finished copper pieces, ranging from a milk pan and cafetiere to a biscuit tin and spoon.

Tim Dixon Brew copper collectionTom Dixon Brew Collection, Caddy, Spoon and Brew Milk Pan

What never ceases to amaze me with these designs are the quality and thought behind each item. Whilst the pieces combine to create a collection, each item is remarkable individually. The spoon has an extraordinary weight to it, combined with its seamless finish, creating an object of opulence.

Brew Copper Coffee Collection from Tom Dixon

These are not only functional pieces, perfect for entertaining guests and for the coffee morning. These items are works of art that I know from experience people display with pride on a sideboard or countertop. With each design, Dixon creates something that has a presence, adding character to a space. He never misses the smaller items and intricate details, something easily overlooked with other designers. This is the reason why Tom Dixon is an icon of design.


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