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Martyn White

Posted on August 25 2016

Tom Dixon will be launching a brand new sensory experience with his latest collection of scents at this year's Maison & Objet. Discover the new collection here. 

Tom Dixon has expanded on his impressive collection of scents and candles ahead of Maison & Objet in Paris this September. The Materialism collection expands the already popular Oil and Quartz ranges, adding Alloy and Stone to the mix, each in reference to a unique material: Glass, Stone, Metal and Marble. Stone, represented with beautiful smooth marble in an alluring green finish, smells of dry exotic fig and sandalwood whilst Alloy, represented with rough cast industrial style metal will have a sharp, clean and light scent. 

Tom Dixon luxury candle collections for AW2016

“For us, the design process is multidimensional and it could start anywhere, with an inspiration, a formal brief or a serious problem to solve,” he adds. “The success and desirability of the product is inextricably tied into the substance that forms it, and a great deal of our success comes from the materials with which it is made. But more than that, the mutation of the raw material into an object of desire or an artefact of function is the real alchemy of a designer.”


Tom Dixon Oil home accessory collectionOil Tom Dixon scent and home accessories

Presented in a collection of beautiful multi-coloured vessels, containing a powerful refreshing blast of woody essential oils. With its melted edge and dented forms, Oil has a unique presence with no container is the same. The light refracting from the surface creates the lustrous and hypnotic effect of petrol on water or the beautiful colours presented in a dragonfly wing.

Fragrance notes

Top note: Cypress
Note 2: Guaiac Wood
Note 3: Guaiac Wood


Tom Dixon Alloy collection of scents and candlesTom Dixon Alloy

A new addition to the collection, Alloy shares its characteristics in scent as well as presentation by incorporating a sharp, clean and light fragrance. The collection embraces the strong industrial metal design, encasing the wax and scent within a rough cast container with machined edges, a style that has influenced many of Dixon's designs. 

Fragrance notes

Top note: Steel Woods
Note 2: Amber
Note 3: Cypriol


Tom Dixon Stone collection of scents and candlesTom Dixon Stone

A beautiful connection to nature, the Stone scent is contained within a striking, smooth and heavyweight block of marble. The natural characteristics of the stone add a unique personality to the container, complimenting the dry exotic fig and sandalwood essence. 

Fragrance notes

Top note: Fig
Note 2: Bergamot
Note 3: Sandalwood


Tom Dixon Quartz collection of scents and candlesTom Dixon QuartzAppearing frozen in motion, the refined and musky aromas of ambrette and pink pepper are contained within a striking milky glass design, almost replicating water. Each vessel is made from a gob of glass, pulled, pressed and stretched into an unexpectedly complex and unique container to create some of Dixon's most intriguing work to date. 

Fragrance notes

Top Note: Pink Pepper
Note 2: Cypriol
Note 3: Ambrette

The collection will be on display at Maison & Objet which runs from 2 – 6 September in Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, ZAC Paris Nord 2, 93420 Villepinte, France. for further details on this mesmerising new collections, click to view the official Tom Dixon website and online store. 



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