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Martyn White

Posted on July 06 2015

Explore the beautiful collection of designs from the Toast Living range of contemporary teaware products.

Sometimes the simplicity of a design can make it stand out above the rest. When you have striking features such as a dominant wooden table, characterful sofa or brightly coloured surroundings, the modern simplicity of an everyday object clicks perfectly into your lifestyle, complimenting everything surrounding it. I recently discovered Toast, a brand that fits this category perfectly. I love that their designs are characterful yet not overpowering. they show how a focus on a material or shape can transform the look and feel of an every day object. I wanted to share three feature collections from Toast that are simple must-haves for a characterful home.

Weaver Collection 

The weaver collection lets the material do the talking. The elegant metallic metal finishes take control of the design, emphasising the luxury and simplicity of the object. For any of you that have read any previous articles of mine, you will understand my extreme love for the beautiful copper finish. I think it looks especially great with the tea strainer and adds a level of luxury.

Toast living copper tea strainer weaver collection

The Weaver collection consists of a tea infuser available in a stainless steel or copper finish with the addition of a tea jar, available separately. The flush joins on these objects really appeal to me, creating a luxurious feel, connecting two contrasting finishes together in an elegant way. This set would work perfectly with a glass tea set which would allow the focus to remain on the clean metallic finishes of the set.

Toast living copper tea strainerToast Living weaver tea infuser


Wave Collection

 Wave centres around smooth geometric lines gracing the ceramic effortlessly. The collection consists of a coffee tumbler and mug with filter cone, available in a range of complementary colours to add personalisation. The design is a personal favourite of mine because it shows how one subtle change can transform a product seen regularly into an object of beauty.

Toast Living Wave ceramic mug with geometric design

As with the Weaver collection, the contrasting material has been carefully included and is not an afterthought to the design. In the case of Wave, there is a visible divide between the ceramic and colourful lid with the use of a lip in the design. The two pieces look separate but have a relationship with one another. Perfect for on the go or as a tea/coffee set for the home the light pastel colours and white ceramic look especially great against a natural wood or textured stone.

Toast living ceramic mug with geometric design and mint green lid


Rubber Band Collection

A fun tea set perfect for injecting small amounts of vibrant colour into your life. Rubber band, as you would have already guessed by now, uses brightly coloured bands to emulate the squeezing of the tea set. Very cleverly design, this is a set that is sure to get people talking.

Toast Living Rubber Band Tea collection

Objects in the range include; Espresso cup and saucer, cup and saucer, sugar and creamer set, teapot and vase. Containing multiple colours of bands, the set can be customised to match your preference in combination, a beautiful touch to add that personal feel.

Toast living modern tea set with bright rubber bands

As with all the collections from Toast, the brand shows that it is the smallest of details that have the largest impact. The simple and light finishes allow the objects to work well in a multitude of surroundings, adding snippets of character and charm in their presence. Whilst there are too many collections to mention in one article, I would recommend viewing the complete range of designs on the Toast website HERE


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