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Martyn White

Posted on November 09 2014

Iconic British Furniture brand Timothy Oulton has taken the world by storm with its unique take on classic British design. Discover some of the most popular designs from the brand.

Classic, extraordinary and British, Timothy Oulton is a company that stands out above the rest. With it's modern twist on British classics, the brand has carved out a niche for itself like no other. Whilst setting it's own trends in the world of furniture and design, each item is individual and fun with a British twist. Heritage and tradition also play a vital part in the design and construction of each item, with many traditional methods and tools being used to create the look and quality of the products. With so much character bursting from every handmade item, it was hard to select just a few key items to talk about. I have selected four "themes" from the product range that I feel really define this brilliant brand with a selection of items from each that will give any interior that unique Timothy Oulton look.

Costal Drift

Those relaxing days on the beach, looking out across the water with the wind in your hair. The Costal Drift selection remind me of an escape, away from the busy hustle and bustle of city life, hidden into a beautiful costal retreat with nature surrounding you.

Timothy Oulton Coastal Living furniture pieces. Maritime inspired furniture

Phylum Pendant - Available in three sizes (50, 70 and 90cm) The pendant emulates a water droplet, with it's chains and metal detailing adding to its industrial sea side town feel.

Junk Art Propeller Coffee Table - My favourite item from the Costal Drift theme, the propeller blade has reference to the sea. It is as if it has been discovered on the beach and converted to a table. The blades are all individual and recycled from boats.

Axel Mirror - Made by using reclaimed wood, each mirror is individual and full of character. This is a true representation of what Timothy Oulton has to offer. The mirror would look fantastic in a living or dining room as a feature item.

Cloud Sofa - Oversized and largely padded, this is a classic retreat sofa. Spending those cold winter evenings snuggled up on it with the weather howling outside, the sofa fits the costal theme perfectly.


Fun and daring, taking the concept of games and entertainment into the heart of the design. The Composer theme has a Tudor feel to it which adds a sense of drama and richness to the overall look. Perfect for those nights of entertaining and socialising.

Timothy Oulton Playing Cards Composer collection of furniture

Blackhawk Coffee Table Jumbo - Making a coffee table a work of art, the metal used has been distressed and screw detailing added. It creates such a personality that the table is a perfect key piece for a living, study or games room.

Artline Cards - creating a sense of fun, these large playing card images are great at adding character to a room. Available in five different prints, they look great grouped together to enhance the theme.

Crystal Chandelier - My favourite item from the theme, you cannot go wrong by adding a crystal chandelier to create a sense of luxury and drama. A great addition to a dining or bedroom.

Aviator Tomcat Chair - Matching the coffee table in it's aviation style, it is the leather that really makes this item for me. Such beautiful detailing and a fantastic finish.


Modern and glamorous with an Art Deco feel, the Metro theme is masculine and powerful with the use of black leather and stainless steel. The perfect look for a metropolitan apartment with a rich attitude.

Timothy Oulton Metro collection of furniture. Metropolitan inspired

Balls - Fun, playful and rather charming, you do not need a ball in your living room but it most certainly creates a talking point! Available in four styles, including a magic eight ball and Union Flag, add a touch of playful to a room.

Mars Chair MK3 - Incredibly striking in appearance, once again it is the materials that make this chair stand out from the rest. Handmolded metal and distressed leather create a design that looks as if it is from a film set. Perfect for a lounge or games room.

Florentine Mirror - My favourite item from the Metro theme, the Florentine mirror is simply breathtaking. Sculptural in form with a French feel, the mirror would add personality and style to any room.

Gyro Crystal Table Lamp - contrasting with other items in the room, the Gyro Crystal table lamp has a more feminine presence about it. With so much detail and elegance to this item, it is hard to tell where the table lamp finishes and the sculptural art begins.

Sports Club

Quintessentially British, the Sports Club theme has a playful charm and feel. Rich colours accompanied by vintage fabrics and materials, create a warm and welcoming feeling with a sports heritage attitude. All items are perfect for a room with character that you can kick back and relax in.

Timothy Oulton Sports Club Union Jack Sofa theme


Gyro Chandelier - Inspired and designed around the Gyroscope, the frame incases the chandelier in a simple but elegant way. As seen with the Metro collection, there are variations to this design but I love the cleanness and simple lines of this design the best. This would make a fantastic addition to a hall way or entrance to impress and welcome on arrival.

Stonyhurst Chest - This item is just bursting full of character. Modelled on the classic travel trunks, the detailing on this is incredibly impressive. Perfect for a bedroom or study to create that well travelled and antique feel, this chest will sure to impress.

Bensington Union Jack - My favourite item from the whole Timothy Oulton collection, this sofa is the classic symbol of royal Britannia and all the fun that comes with it. With it's beautiful vintage feel, this sofa is the perfect centrepiece for a study or games room where you can sit back and enjoy life to the full.

Blackhawk Lamp Table - Part of the Blackhawk collection, this side table really does look like it had been made out of an old plane. A playful design with an object easily overlooked in a usual house. Available in black or steel, this side table will definitely add a new dimension to a room.
With the collections and themes evolving all the time, Timothy Oulton is a company that does not stand still. What I love about the company and it's products are that it is more than just a look. There is so much history, heritage and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each item. The story of how the item came to be is just as impressive as the final look itself. The company has brought something very different to the table and is sure to impress. To see more ranges and products follow the link to the Timothy Oulton website here.


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