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Martyn White

Posted on May 04 2017

The ever-changing antiques brand on New King's Road that has made a name for itself with new and established designers alike. I discover the treasures behind Talisman.

Anyone that has visited the Talisman showroom on New King's Road will agree that it is a treasure trove of impressive furniture designs and antique gems. After discovering the brand only three years ago, I immediately fell in love with the style, vibrancy and unique personality that only Talisman manages to create and have passionately followed them ever since. Mixing exceptional one off antique pieces with restored furniture and a bespoke collection, Talisman offers much more than meets the already mesmerised eyes. I wanted to share with you my visit to the store and all the fascinating pieces that I discovered.

Talisman Gold panther ornamentTalisman golden eagle sculptureTalisman metal wall art

Vast collections of striking antique pieces, from different time periods, backgrounds and talented designers, each vying for your attention.This is a concept in theory that should not work, however, standing in the New King's Road showroom is a testament that it can and does. From the moment visitors step into this space, senses are heightened and the mind goes into overdrive of excitement. What to look at first, what to touch and what stories to unearth? Styled into beautiful themes of colour, material and design period, the settings emphasise the character and charm behind each antique, complimenting designs with one another rather than competing, creating a story that entices you to fall in love with every single piece.

Talisman orange furniture and home accessories Talisman showroom London orange and gold antique furnitureTalisman antique elephant home accessory

Whilst I would never describe myself as an antique obsessive, it is Talisman that has opened my mind and changed my opinions over the years, giving me a huge appreciation for an entire world of design that, for so long I overlooked. Whilst I could not possibly select a single favourite from all the treasures on display, it was the brass panther that I took an immediate liking to, reminding me of the New York Art Deco style penthouses that I fell in love with when I first started to study design. Other favourites are the metal base musical instrument, a perfect accessory for any home, the golden eagle purely for its grandeur and the astronomy globe, a classic piece that should be present in any luxurious surrounding. 

Talisman contemporary metropolitan lighting sculptureMetal twisted sculpture Talisman LondonTalisman antique showroom London

The man behind Talisman, Ken Boland and his eye for exquisite design is the key to the brand's success. Founded in Dorset in 1982 and moving to London in 2006, collectors and designers alike cannot get enough of the pieces available in store, many selling in an instant. Boland has been able to share his passion and knowledge on antiques through his own stand out style and travel across the world in search of exceptional design from the last three centuries.

Talisman antique astronomy globeTalisman showroom orange and blue sectionTalisman Showroom London with blue and gold antique designs

Another great thing about the brand is the development and constant change. As you would expect, the majority of pieces being one-off designs, often never to be sold again. Due to this nature, every visit to the showroom is a first and it is always extremely exciting to visit the space after a few weeks or months to explore the new wonders on display.  

Talisman has reinjected life into antiques, directly selling some and restoring others. It exhibits the beauty of the past whilst combining it with designs and styles of the present. This is one of the very few antiques brands to be well known and admired by new and established designers alike, ensuring that the passion for antiques and high-quality design remains strong for generations to come. 

For further details on the brand, designers, bespoke collection and showroom, visit the official Talisman website. 


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