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Martyn White

Posted on June 03 2015

Finding inspiration in Scandinavian Interior design. Discovering brands that create the perfect Scandinavian look and style.

There is something about Scandinavian design that makes peace with the eyes. Designs are subtle and natural, exhaling beauty from materials, textures and resources used, leaving interior spaces with a light, airy and natural feel to them. In my search for Scandinavian design, I have discovered some incredible and inspiring designs, not only from its influential past but also from its current day fashionable settings.

Scandinavian Living interior design black swan chair

White walls and ceilings direct attention towards the beautiful materials used within the space and the quality of their designs. Light surroundings are a great way to work with darker furniture and features such as the black leather swan chairs and dark oval coffee table. These darker details, along with the natural colours from the woods and metal detailing add a warmth, and welcoming finish to the space that creates the classic Scandinavian influenced interior.

Black vintage swan chair

The Swan chair is an icon in Scandinavian design and remains a timeless jewel in the Scandinavian crown. Created by Arne Jacobsen, a Danish architect and designer, the Swan chair remains an incredibly popular choice to this day. Available in a huge range of adaptations, finishes and styles, this armchair is the perfect example of how to add a luxury design to a room and create a key focal point to add character to a room.

By Lassen black and copper cubed coffee tables

Another fantastic trait of Scandinavian design is just how easy it is to fit an item into your life with designs that allow multiple users or are highly customisable such as these beautiful Twin tables from By Lassen. The table tops can be removed and have different colours on each side, allowing you to create your own layouts and designs by clustering tables to create that unique centrepiece suited to your space.

Copper and black cube coffee tables from by Lassen

I wanted to share the Twin tables as they are such a perfect examples of furniture that is easily customisable to life and its requirements. There is understanding from the designer that everyone interacts and uses objects differently, this has been accounted for in the design with fantastic results. By Lassen have also created simple accessories, complimenting the table's cube design such as the candle holders, these also work brilliantly as stand-alone accessories.

Scandinavian inspired bed sheets and duvet covers from Country Road

Whilst the above image may not be a Scandinavian design, there are huge influences in its style, giving me a fantastic reason to use it as an inspiration image. With simple white walls, you can really experiment with multiple patterns and designs. Colour has been injected through a singular soft pastel and natural grain from the wood. Stronger features have been created with the use of bold black and white prints which has been carried over to the floor lamp.

Scandinavian quilt covers from Country Road

It is becoming fashionable to combine and clash patterns together, they work especially well with this design as the surrounding colours are light and simple. It is best to keep your patterns to one colour, this way they still link together and do not detract from the feature colour of the room. These gorgeous duvet designs can be found on the Country Road home section.

Scandinavian side table from Habitables

Another design that I fell in love with from the moment I saw it was this beautiful Scandinavian solid oak side table. A simple design that allows the wood grain to do the talking, compliments those pastel colours and bold prints perfectly. Handcrafted and made to order, there are multiple styles, colour combinations and finishes available from the Habitables Etsy page.

Scandinavian wooden side table with two drawers

It is easy to see why the Scandinavian design is becoming increasingly popular in peoples homes. With a white canvas, furnished with high-quality woods and finishes, colours and accessories can be easily changed to create different looks and styles. Gone are the days of spending weeks pulling out one style and painstakingly installing another. This is a design that has been created to last. Easily topped up, developed and transformed, the Scandinavians have had it right from the very start.



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