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Martyn White

Posted on May 16 2017

Visiting Porcelanosa, one of the world's leading producers of ceramic floor and wall tiles to experience the latest collections, designs and innovative materials produced.

Earlier in the year, I was given the fantastic opportunity to visit Porcelanosa, one of the world's leading producers of ceramic floor and wall tiles, located in Valencia, Spain. During the two day visit, guests of the brand were invited to discover more about Porcelanosa, their collections and creation process through a visit to their impressive showrooms, production lines and logistics centreWe were also treated to an exciting tour of the city to view the sights and experience the wonders of traditional Spanish cuisine. In this two-part blog post, I share with you a tour of the Showrooms and Production line facilities.

Zaha Hadid sink collaboration with PorcelanosaZaha Hadid bathtub with waterfall effect tapZaha Hadid bathroom mirror collaboration with PorcelanosaZaha Hadid collaboration with Porcelanosa bathroom

The Porcelanosa Group is divided into eight companies that each specialise in a particular field. During the visit, we were introduced to five of these brands; Porcelanosa for wall and floor tiles, Noken focusing on bathroom equipment, Gamadecor for luxury kitchen and bathroom design, Systempool for innovative materials such as Krion and finally L’Antic Colonial covering high-end natural materials such as marble, slate and wood.

During the tour, one of the stand out collections had to be the Zaha Hadid collaboration with Noken. The series features beautiful shapes and movement, transforming familiar everyday objects such as a shower, sink and tap, into sleek, futuristic abstract designs that remind us of the spectacular designs created by one of the world's most iconic architects.

nk copper tap by Porcelanosa Large porcelain bowl sink nk Porcelanosank copper handle collaboration Porcelanosacopper style bath tap with shower head

Exploring the latest collections, it was great to see how Porcelanosa is constantly looking to enhance and evolve the bathroom and kitchen experience. Introducing technology and innovative materials, displays demonstrated just how the use of these spaces can be greatly improved, saving time and energy whilst becoming more environmentally friendly. Technology has also added a further level of luxury such as digital taps that remember your favourite water temperature and extractor fans that are hidden within lights, removing unsightly designs from a kitchen area.

dark marble kitchen from PorcelanosaDark wood luxury kitchen design from PorcelanosaLuxury kitchens from Spanish brand PorcelanosaPorcelanosa luxury kitchen designs and home accessories

When it comes to kitchen design, Gamadecor has every detail covered. The visit to this showroom had to be one of my favourites on the trip, exploring the unique character and luxury finishes that have gone into every design, examples of what can be achieved within kitchen design. Having a vast range of sub-brands specialising in specific areas of design also gives this brand the upper hand, allowing to perfect designs, uses and customer experience in a way that many other companies are unable to do so. Kitchens with hidden appliances, storage spaces that make the most of every square inch and designs that can transform at the touch of a button are all reality in the world of Gamadecor.

Living room large luxury tiles from PorcelanosaMetallic textured tile from Porcelanosa Home accessories against a wood effect tile from PorcelanosaWood and concrete style porcelain tile from Porcelanosa

The final destination on the showroom tour was to Porcelanosa itself, showcasing the diversity and quality of its designs in a series of installations and home layouts. What impressed me was the ability to take something as simple as a tile; something that we are all familiar with, and transform it into a product that can imitate almost any other material, from metal to marble and even wood. The wooden designs were especially impressive with texture and multiple wood grains created to give the unpredictable, natural appearance of real wood. This allows a realistic wooden surface to be used with underfloor heating, bathroom and any other high moisture spaces, outdoors and even high traffic areas, all without the negative natural reaction of wear and disintegration.


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