The Modern Terrarium

Martyn White

Posted on June 18 2015

Finding inspiration with modern terrarium designs, fantastic ways to brighten up and add character to the home with easy to care for terrarium designs.

If you have been following me on social media, you will understand that I have a slight obsession with plants in the home. Plants are such an easy way to add beauty and life to a room but many people are put off due to the amount of work that they believe it takes to look after one. With a huge variety of plants to choose from and many different ways to display them, it may be surprising to discover its more than just the cactus that you can leave to thrive with minimal effort. I take a look at the increasingly popular terrarium designs appearing in all corners of the interior world and discover some gorgeous designs that can work well in the home.


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Terrariums are the perfect way to bring natural greenery into the home without the worry and hassle of lots of plant care. Many of the plants just require the occasional mist to keep them fed, there are also sealed designs that look after themselves. Geometric terrariums are perfect for adding a sculptural feature to the room, the light reflects off each pane of glass in a different way, adding to the character of the design. Depending on the types of plants that are being used, you can decorate with soil, gravel, stones and moss to create the perfect accessory for your home. Suspended terrariums are slightly different as they focus on air plants, creating a sculptural quality without the weight of stones and soil to keep the plant alive. As the name suggests, air plants have no or very little root and this remains exposed to the air, the plant feeding from the mist. Suspended terrariums are great if you have a bright corner of a room to fill or you want to create a feature near a window capturing the light with singular or multiple containers. Please remember to research before you buy, some plants will prefer different conditions to others, you want to find ones that can thrive in your space and look beautiful!


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