The Luxury Statement Selection

Martyn White

Posted on May 12 2016

Selecting beautiful and luxurious statement furniture from designers at Treniq to create centrepieces and talking points for any space in the house. 

We have never lived in a time where furniture has been so readily available to us than it is now. Furniture designers and brands cover every design and niche that you could possibly think of, helping us to create the desired styles and looks to make the most out of our homes and surroundings. With so much choice comes the difficulty of discovering the perfect pieces so it is no surprise that many of us are turning to blogs, magazines and luxury platforms to help discover new designers and the latest trends. I am very excited to announce that I have teamed up with Treniq, a luxury platform to help interior designers, stylists and general design lovers to discover and source the latest in luxury.


With hundreds of furniture products, styles and brands to choose from and I wanted to share with you four of my favourite designs on my hunt to discover the best luxury statement pieces and give you a taste of what Treniq is all about. My first design choice is this stunning sideboard from Ginger Brown. The design has been inspired by the beautiful coral reefs on the bed of an ocean and the beautiful patterns, shapes and silhouette that they create.

Created from solid wood, the sideboard uses shagreen artwork on the front of the design to create the striking and mysterious resemblance of the coral reefs below the water. One of my favourite features of the design is its asymmetrical brass legs which extend the unit and add to its abstract presence in the space. This unit is the perfect characterful centrepiece for a dining or living space, perfect for storing crockery, cutlery and barware ready for evenings of entertainment. 


Gold island shaped coffee table with wooden finish top

I featured this particular product from Brabbu last year and I could not help but select the design again as it is instantly recognisable with its captivating design.  The Sequoia centre table is designed to represent the base of a tree, aged brass forming the bark and external layer of the tree trunk whilst the table top uses walnut root veneer to create the beautiful and patterned centre of the trunk. 

Brass island shaped coffee center table with wooden top finish

Sequoia is one of my all-time favourite designs. Whilst it is inspired by the beauty of trees and the natural world, I am always reminded of an island when I look at the centre table. The use of luxurious materials give this table an incredible finish and its unusual form means that it looks unique from every single angle. The ultimate coffee table of choice if you are looking to impress and draw attention to the centre of a space. 


Charles Paris brass wall Oceanide lamp brass twisted metal

Lighting is one of my favourite areas of design but also one that it hardest to choose from. The perfect pendants and wall lamps can completely transform a space, adding a beautiful finishing touch to a space. I have selected the Oceanide wall lamp by Charles Paris for its simple and modern form, a stunning addition to a room.

Modern brass luxury wall lamp

Constructed entirely in brass to resemble two neatly folded ribbons, the lamp transforms in appearance during different lighting conditions. Carefully concealed away from immediate view, the light bulb whilst switched on projects light within the lamp, twisting and reflecting through the curves of the metal. This elegant design is simple enough to be grouped together, creating a uniformed lighting design for a room. 


Stacked cylindrical white tube bar with jewel detailing

The stacked  tubular form of the Anxoval bar unit by Alma De Luce will most certainly turn heads. Inspired by the old-age art of crochet, Alma De Luce has reinterpreted the beauty of crochet by using over thirty one thousand amethyst-coloured Swarovski crystals to create a striking and unique design. Divided into tubular compartments, each section slides open to reveal the treasures inside. 

luxury statement bar unit stacked cylindrical tubes with purple pink jewel detailing

Contrasting to the Pearl Gray Corian exterior, the inside of the unit is layered with Santos Palisander wood, finished with a gloss varnish. Each compartment allows for different storage of glasses, bottles and other barware, allowing for easy organisation across the fourteen separate cylinders. For lovers of entertaining and extravagance, this is definitely the piece of furniture that will slot effortlessly into your lifestyle. 


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  • Martyn White Designs: October 22, 2018

    Hello Jenny,

    There are quite a few variations of the design that have been produced since this feature was posted. They can be found via the Boca Do Lobo website currently under the ‘Eden’ series. I hope that helps?

  • Jenny Seddon: October 22, 2018

    Hi there,
    Is the brass tree trunk coffee table available to purchase?

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