The Lighting Feature: Floor Lamp Inspiration

Martyn White

Posted on May 17 2015

Helping you discover the correct style of floor lamp for your home, covering the different types of floor lamp styles and how they fit best in a space. 

When it comes to lighting, the simplest way to add a key feature to a space is by adding a floor lamp. Floor lamps are incredibly popular at the moment and there are a huge variety of styles, shapes and features available. There is no better time to invest in a light to add character and drama to a room. Floor lamps are the best choice for lighting features because they take up a relatively small amount of space yet are large enough to add presence and a sculptural quality to the home. Below are just a few styles and features to help inspire you to discover the light that is perfect for you.

vintage industrial floor lamp

Vintage Industrial - The floor lamp that is full of character. The rough edges, exposed wires and hard-worn quality are the perfect way to add a feature that tells a story. It is best to surround this type of light with simple colours and materials so not to detract any attention away from the star in the room.

Low copper floor lamps and lighting Tom Dixon

Low Floor Lamps - Directional lighting that sits on the floor. These intriguing Tom Dixon designed lamps are fantastic for an injection of industrial passion. Whilst not overpowering, these lights are full of character and create a feature that is incredibly striking.

Modern floor lamp blue shade with brass base

Modern Detailing - Taking the standard concept and giving it that modern twist. Modern floor lamps are works of art in themselves, they look great paired with similar furnishings and designs to give that overall streamlined modern look.

vintage stage floor lamp

Classic Stage Lighting - One of the most characterful concepts are the vintage stage lights. These designs are now timeless, creating a feature that can tell a dramatic story. As with industrial lighting, these floor lamps are best kept in simple surroundings as the design draws the attention and focus towards it.

Oversized floor lamps white desk style lamp

Oversizing Features - These designs have an almost fun and quirky feel to them. Taking a well-known desk lamp design and enlarging it to giant proportions. This style is becoming increasingly popular so you will be sure to see more of these around. Great for a modern space, these designs work well in both vibrant and subtle colouring depending on your style.

Bright orange vibrant floor lamp for the home

Contrasting Features - Keeping the design simple whilst adding a vibrant feature colour. A personal favourite of mine is adding small amounts of a feature colour to the home. It is best not to overpower but add just enough colour to add a noticeable vibrancy to an interior space.

modern arc floor lamp

The Arc Lamp - Another design dominating the trends is the arc lamp. This lamp looks particularly brilliant when teamed up with another item of furniture to enhance its features such as a sofa, sideboard or dining room table. Focusing the light on an area of need.

Modern brass floor lamp from Delightfull

Modern Luxury - My final choice is this incredible design from DelightFULL. Creating a sculptural work of art that compliments a room and intrigues visitors. Designs should never be plain, they should show personality and this stunning design most certainly does that!

All images were sourced from Pinterest. If you own the rights to a particular image and would like it referenced, please feel free to contact me.


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