The Indoor Garden: Plant Inspiration

Martyn White

Posted on April 22 2015

Creative ideas and inspiration for indoor plants and how they can be displayed in the home. Hanging terrariums, kitchen storage and rustic pots are just a few examples.

There is something about a houseplant that can connect all the dots within an interior space. It is the living accessory that changes grows and has a connection with nature and the outdoors that many interiors miss. Whilst many of us are put off with the idea of looking after a houseplant, in fear of killing it, there are so many varieties and options available to us that even the most incompetent people can welcome a miniature garden into their homes. Below are some innovative ideas on how to get creative with plants in the home.

glass suspended circular terrarium with succulent plants. House plant inspiration

Beautiful miniature plants, requiring little water with maximum sun exposure. Can also look great in groups hanging at different heights.

Decorating with house plants. Exotic desk and table house plants

Hardy plants for the desk in a mixture of pots and finishes to create a rustic feel looks great with different height plants.

kitchen herbs being displayed in mint metal plant pots

Making the most of a kitchen wall, adding herbs from a utensil rack can add an injection of colour that can look customised with different coloured pots.

rustic plant pots concrete plant container with fern

It is not just about the plant, let the plant run wild whilst using the pot as a decorating feature, matching it to other accessories in the room.

Living pink and white tulips with exposed roots in glass vase

Getting creative with a vase to create a glass plant pot. Roots can be fascinating and add an artistic layer to your plant feature.

Hanging herbs and house plants in hanging glass jars

Using old vintage items such as an old coat rack and transforming it into a hanging garden feature. Mix, match and move plants around to create different looks.

Exotic desert house plants. indoor plant with terracotta pot next to the window

Going for the oddly exotic and unique plants to catch the eye. These look fantastic next to a window, casting intriguing shadows across a room.


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