The Black and White of Decorating

Martyn White

Posted on July 30 2015

The monochrome look is one that many aspire to have yet are too worried to apply in their own homes. I discover beautiful inspiration images and products to help break the trend.

When it comes to decorating in monochrome, it is the style that everybody loves, but one that many are afraid to apply in their own homes. There is an ever-growing myth that black is a dangerous colour to use in the home, it is too dark, it will make a room feel small, it creates an unfriendly feel to a room, I have heard them all. The truth is, black is like many other colours out there, if it is used in moderation, with the correct combination of tones, it can look stunning!

The Bell Lamp

Below are a few inspiration images that I have discovered on my hunt for monochrome beauty. From each inspiration image, I have selected a black object that really adds personality to a space. These simple black objects that can help characterise a room and will hopefully help to inspire you to achieve that beautiful monochrome look in your own homes.

Black Bell pendant lamp in monochrome interior

This Bell Lamp from Norman Copenhagen is such a fantastic lighting feature. It has a rustic inspiration with a modern twist, creating a feature that is hard to take your eyes off. I personally love the black fixture and think that the product is strong enough to stand by itself or grouped together in the image above. Perfect for a contemporary dining space to contrast against lighter surroundings.

Grey Bell Modern Pendant Lighting Feature

The DAW Chair

This image is a personal favourite of mine, it shows that there can be so much warmth and personalisation in a monochrome interior (well, almost a monochrome interior) This space has dared to go that one step further and feature a black wall. This, along with the personal touches such as the wooden lamp, plants and small accessories, adds warmth to the home which is kept light with the white furniture and surroundings.

Black DAW Arm chair in monochrome home office interior

One of the most popular and incredibly fashionable styles of chairs at the moment, the Eames plastic DAW chair from Vitra is the multi-use chair with an extreme personality. Perfect for an office chair, dining or even feature chair in a bedroom or living space, there are so many options for colours and leg finishes. The black DAW chair will always have a place close to my heart.

Black DAW chair with wooden legs

Essentials Cube End Table

This image is a perfect example of monochrome beauty. It shows that you do not need to clutter a room to create something simple and elegant. By grouping a selection of accessories together, you can create a feature that is strong enough to compliment a room and add a personal touch. Many people worry that the lack of colour in a space can create a cold and uninviting feel to a room, however, this images proves that you can create something incredibly beautiful.

Black and white bedroom monochrome

Furniture does not have to be big and bulky to have a presence in a space. The Essentials Cube end table from UHURU has a light and modern feel to it. Keeping things simple, it opens up the space below that would usually be hidden by draws and storage. What can sometimes be unnecessary storage in a room, can easily be hidden under a bed or out of the way, allowing this end table to grace the room and open up spaces creating a larger feel to the room.

Black Cube End Table

Typography Print

Such an easy way to accessorise in any room is by adding prints. They are a quick way to add character and so easy to change and adapt with the seasons. I have noticed more and more typography prints appearing on the web and in people's homes and look particularly great in a monochrome interior. Whether you are looking for a single print or to group several, they are easy to get hold of in a huge range of sizes and finishes.

Monochrome Living space, monochrome typography prints

I recently discovered Typography art from The Motivated Type on Etsy and fell in love with them all. With such a huge collection to choose from, there is a saying, font and size for every personality suiting a variety of spaces and environments. The monochrome style is simple and bold, working especially well when accessories abide by these rules. Using simple and bold accessories accentuates the theme, create a very striking design for your interior space.

Black and white typography prints

Your space should always represent yourself. Never be afraid to use a colour style because you think it is too risky or may not suit a room. If you are using a darker or vibrant colour and you are concerned that it may overpower a room, start with a little amount and keep on adding until you are happy. I always think it is best to add colour to accessories, it is easy to change, manipulate and replace when you want a different style. Keep your surroundings and main furniture simple and accessories to your heart's content.


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