TALA / SCP: Under the Arches

Martyn White

Posted on October 06 2017

Lighting brand Tala join forces with SCP during this year's London Design Festival to produce an unforgettable exhibition that showcased the brand's latest collection of LED filament lighting designs.

Innovative lighting brand Tala joined forces with SCP at this year's London Design Festival to create a one-day immersive furniture and lighting experience that wowed the crowds, exceeding all expectations. Taking residence under the arches in the disused Shoreditch station, the brand created a mesmerising display of lighting installations, showcasing their latest collection of new LED bulbs, bases and pendants in a series of spaces. Take a tour of the incredible exhibition below.


Tala Lighting pendant designs with LED filament under the arches for London Design Festival with SCPTala lighting installation under the arches during London Design Festival tala and SCP under the arches lighting

Voronoi III - World's largest sculptural bulb

The brand new Voronoi III is the World's largest sculptural bulb measuring in at 40cm x 25cm and it provides an impressive display to any room, be it one single pendant or a group of multiple bulbs to create a feature. With a unique natural form and mesmerisingly log LED filament, it is easy to see why so many people were immediately drawn to the design. Suspended above the entrance to the station, this design greeted guests to a backdrop or exposed brick arches, casting curious shapes onto its surroundings.

tala lighting under the arches London train stationtala lighting display under the arches Shoreditch SCPtala lighting installation London Design Festival Under the arches

Porcelain Collection

The Porcelain collection displayed below, centres around four distinctive shapes; Oval, Oblo, Enno and Noma. Each design is produced in a matte porcelain glass, mouth-blown and moulded into its shape. Returning the beauty back to a bulb design, it is time to say goodbye to the lampshade and hello to sculptural lighting form. Perfect for compact pendants, wall lights and even table lamps, the range looks great in every possible combination.

tala pendant LED lighting London Design Festival under the archestala LED filament light bulbs

Basalt Collection

The Basalt collection (not photographed) are designs inspired by the ancient basalt columns that form the iconic landscape of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. The finished result is a beautiful slender design of sandblasted glass that creates illuminated columns of light. Basalt is available in pendant and table lamp variations, a design so simple that it has a dramatic impact on any room, big or small.

As visitors make their way around the vast space under the arches, they are directed by a long bar of light bulbs that stretch out into and around a corridor. Following the soft flashes of the bulbs, guests make their way into a secretive room for an extra special treat, a wall of light, using over one thousand Tala light bulbs in total.

For further information on the brand and its latest collection of designs, click to view the official Tala website.



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