Swarovski: Glaciarium from Fredrikson Stallard

Martyn White

Posted on October 04 2016

The Exclusive UK launch and preview of the Glaciarium collection, a collaboration between Fredrikson Stallard and Swarovski creating iconic lighting designs.

During this year's London Design Festival, Fredrikson Stallard showcased their incredible new designs in collaboration with Swarovski. Consisting of five unique chandelier designs and an atelier home collection, Glaciarium celebrates the nature of material and innovation of technology by combining the two to create striking sculptural works of art. During the exclusive launch event, I had the privilege of taking over Swarovski's Snapchat platform to capture the moment and introduce many of the Fredrikson Stallard designs to their followers for the first time through a series of snaps. Click to view the full Swarovski Snapchat coverage over in the press section.  


Fredrikson Stallard Avalon Swarovski lightFredrikson Stallard Avalon Chandelier part of the Glacarium collection

From the moment you walk into the impressive industrial exhibition space, visitors are greeted with the presence of the Avalon chandelier. This large metal domed chandelier contains thousands of individually suspended Swarovski glacier shaped crystals, each one sparkling in the crisp white light provided by the floating disk below. 


Swarovski Voltaire Chandelier by Fredrikson Stallard Glacarium collectionVoltaire Chandelier Swarovski Crystal detaling

The largest chandelier on display, Voltaire instantly draws attention with its long angular crystal beams. Internally lit, the hexagonal cylinders glow with a clear white light, accentuating the texture and varying thickness of the Swarovski crystals. The elegance of this design has been further accentuated by its contrasting dark and industrial surroundings, adding a sense of exposed vulnerability within a dominating space. 


Swarovski Helios Chandelier by Fredrikson Stallard Glacarium CollectionHelios Swarovski crystal detailing Glacarium

Moving from the dark industrial surroundings of the main hall into to the clear and light gallery setting, Fredrikson Stallard hosts their next set of mesmerising lighting designs. Helios is presented as an angelic crystal halo, suspended in the air above visitors heads. The ring has been clad in rectangular Swarovski crystal on the interior and exterior surfaces, creating two glowing lines, running in parallel to one another. This finish allows Helios to constantly change in appearance as it is viewed from different angles. 


Swarovski Superline crystal detailing Glacarium collectionSwarovski Superline chandelier by Fredrikson Sallard Glaciarium collection

Resembling a perfectly formed line of icicles, gently clinging on to the edge of a roof, Superline has an eye-catching and extravagant presence within a space. A personal favourite of mine, this design echoes extreme precision in its entirety. Crystals are lined in pairs, slightly overlapping to add a depth of light, reflecting off one another. On display at eye level, visitors are able to admire at a closer proximity, witnessing every change in light and shadow. 

Chandelier Components 

Glaciarium Swarovski collection Fredrikson StallardSwarovski crystal detailing Fredrikson Stallard

Neatly suspended from metal arms in the centre of the room are the chandelier components: Shard, prism, bead and pear. The display strips back the designs to a singular object, the item that has helped make the design so iconic. Seeing the components so close allows the design to be exhibited in a way that cannot be appreciated from afar, giving a new appreciation and respect to the products. 

Rock Pendants & Atelier Home collection 

Swarovski Rock Glaciarium collection Fredrikson StallardSwarovski Atelier collection Glaciarium collection Fredrikson and Stallard

The final lighting design in the collection is Rock, a large chunk of sparkling glacial crystal, inset with an LED that refracts through the angular cuts in the pendant. The beauty of this design is that it is just as impressive alone as it is grouped with other Rock pendants to create a custom fixture.

The collection comes in addition to the Fredrikson Stallard much-celebrated range of centrepieces, including bowls, vases and candlestick holders, each with a unique glacial form. 

The range adds to Fredrickson Stallard's ever-growing collection of inspirational products and designs. Each chandelier had it's own unique character and charm, demonstrating the talent, expertise and diversity present from the designers. For full details on the Glaciarium collection, visit the Fredrikson Stallard and Swarovski websites. 



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*This is a part sponsored post to promote the launch of the new Glaciarium collection.

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