Swarovski Atelier Home: Milan Launch

Martyn White

Posted on April 20 2017

After a hugely successful launch of the Atelier Home Collection last year, Swarovski returns to launch their next set of impressive designs during Milan Design Week.

After the hugely successful launch of the Atelier home collection last year, Swarovski has returned to celebrate innovative design, launching the next instalment of the collection during Milan Design Week. Tomás Alonso, Aldo Bakker and Studio Brynjar & Veronika have all returned to expand their current designs, introducing further dimensions and depth to their work, whilst Barbara Barry, Andre Kikipski and Greg Lynn release their debut collections. I had the great privilege of attending the preview, hosted against the luxurious backdrop of Palazzo Crespi, where I even had the chance to talk with the designers and explore their works. 

Andre Kikoski designs Swarovski Atelier Home CollectionAndre Kikoski Swarovski atelier collection storage box with crystal lid

Andre Kikoski - Lustra 

Manhattan-based architect, Andre Kikoski has created a series of contemporary trays, boxes and candle holders. The beauty of the design is formed by the contrast of materials; masculine metalwork with textured detailing set against the smooth, elegant surface of the crystal. The colour palette of soft copper, nickel and bronze tones have been applied to both materials, each accommodating the hues in their own special way. Kikoski's architectural background has heavily influenced each piece, creating defined work with a striking presence. 

Andre Kikoski Contemporary candle holders Swarovski Atelier Home collectionAndre Kikoski metal and Swarovski crystal trays

Barbara Barry - Aura 

Interior designer Barbara Barry has created a collection of multi-functional candle holders and vases. There is such a richness to Barry's designs, juxtaposing warm coloured crystal, in deep blue and soft amber with the shimmering opacity of brass and gunmetal insets. There is an understanding of change and adaptability in the home. Each piece can be used in more ways that one, whether it is by adding a brass insert to create a decorative candle holder or turning the vase upside down to become a tealight holder, the collection constantly evolves and changes with your needs. 

Barbra Barry Atelier home collection launchBarbra Barry designs for Swarovski Atelier Home Barbra Barry Candle holder ink pot designs Swarovski Atelier Home Collection

Studio Brynjar & Veronika - Currents

German creatives, Studio Brynjar & Veronika have created a set of pure crystal paperweights, based on their 2016 Swarovski Designers of the Future presentation. Encasing a fine layer of vivid colour, these sleek polygon chambers disperse light and mesmerising colour from multiple angles, immediately capturing the eye and invoking a sense of curiosity to interact with the design. 

Studio Brynjar and Veronika colourful prism designs Swarovski Atelier Home CollectionSwarovski Atelier Home Collection colourful prismsSwarovski crystal prisms designed by Studio Brynjar & VeronikaColours from a prism Swarovski Atelier Home

Aldo Bakker - Facet

After creating the hugely successful Crystal Vase last year, Aldo Bakker has returned to expand the collection by introducing stylish crystal objects and accessories including bottle stoppers and intriguing paperweight lenses. Using subtle injections of light colour, each piece encapsulates Bakker’s fascination with a purity of form and materiality, achieving a beautiful balance of function and beauty.

Aldo Bakker crystal paperweight and magnifying glass design Atelier home collectionAldo Bakker Swarovski Atelier Home Collection Vase BlueAldo Bakker Swarovski Atelier Home Collection 2017 Aldo Bakker blue crystal decanter stopper

Tomás Alonso - Prism

Another designer to return from last year is Tomás Alonso. Many of you will remember his eye-catching works, incorporating colourful prisms into contemporary tray designs. The new additions to the range include circular and square marble trays, inset with colourful prisms, adding a new layer and playful charm to contrasting materials. 

Swarovski Atelier Home Designs by Tomas AlonsoStriped prisms by Tomas Alonso for Swarovski Atelier HomeTomas Alonso marble and crystal designs for Swarovski Atelier HomeVibrant crystal tray by Tomas Alonso for Swarovski

Greg Lynn - Coronel 

Greg Lynn has introduced a set of turned oak accessories to the Atelier home collection. Designed with the home bar and entertaining in mind, Cornel emphasises the beauty of the natural material, decorated with precision-cut stones, creating a play of texture and tone as the multicoloured crystals sparkle from within the natural grained wood. The use of wood, a first for the collection adds a softer side to this year's range, connecting us back to the natural world. 

Greg Lynn wooden accessories with Swarovski crystal detailSwarovski Atelier Home Collection by Greg LynnGreg Lynn wooden Swarovski Atelier Home CollectionGreg Lynn Swarovski Atelier Home

Now in its second year, the Swarovski Atelier Home collection continues to go from strength to strength. It was such a pleasure to attend the preview and experience the products with the designers on hand to explain their inspirations and processes of their design. I feel that the latest additions add such a refined level of luxury to an already successful set of collaborations. With so many unique and talented designers involved from a diverse set of backgrounds, Swarovski continues to impress on such an unprecedented scale. If this is what the brand can reveal on their second outing, we must all prepare ourselves for what designs are still to come. 

To view the current collection and find out more about this year's releases, click to be taken to the Swarovski Atelier Home website. 



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