Superdesign Show: Milan 2019

Martyn White

Posted on June 03 2019

Superstudio Group launches the latest edition of Superdesign Show in Tortona for the 2019 Milan Design Week.

Superstudio Group opened its gates for another exciting edition of Superdesign Show during the 2019 edition of Milan Design Week. Located in Tortona, the exhibition showcases various works and installations from some of the world's most celebrated designers as well as being a design destination for international designers such as Lexus, Normann Copenhagen and many more. See below the top highlights from the 2019 show, one of the most talked-about to date and what it had to offer the thousands of visitors attending.

Pinnacle of Reflections by 3M and Matteo Thun & Partners

Pinnacle of Reflections - 3M and Matteo Thun & Partners

Guests were greeted by a giant kaleidoscopic installation during the week; a collaboration between the US-based material science company '3M' and renowned Milan- based architect. Externally clad in wood and topped with a highly reflective surface, the installation appears to gently merge with the sky, not being able to tell where one finishes and begins. Walking through into the base, guests are invited to look up and see a kaleidoscope of butterflies, reflecting the rare blue morphic butterfly that inspired 3M’s multilayer optical film technology.

Unzipped House by Alex Chinneck - 'World Revealed' at Milan Design Week 2019Unzipped House by Alex Chinneck - 'World Revealed' at Milan Design Week 2019

Unzipping Building - Alex Chinneck

British sculptor Alex Chinneck wowed visitors by 'unzipping' the facade of what appeared to be a traditional Milanese building. Famed for inverting electricity pylons and tieing grandfather clocks up in knots, Chinneck took on the over-sized project to become one of the most photographed installations during the 2019 Milan Design Week, attracting curious visitors from across the globe.

Harmony by Koizumiya Japan during Milan Design WeekHarmony by Koizumiya Japan during Milan Design Week

Transmit the Tone to the World - Koizumiya 

An engaging installation by Koizumiya invites visitors to take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of the fair to experience the concept of "KAION" which means "pleasant sound". Showcasing Koizumiya's latest product which makes a soothing sound called “Kanpai Bell”, the vessels act in a similar way to a xylophone, once tapped with a mallet, each one produces a different pitch, allowing guests to collaborate and create their own harmonising sounds.

Dermody vases from the Normann x Brask Art CollectionDermody vases from the Normann x Brask Art Collection

Normann X Brask Art Collection - Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen exhibited as one of the headline brands at the Superdesign Show, taking over a large space to display a wide variety of design. The Normann X Brask Art Collection attracted attention with the 'Dermody Vases' created by Vincent Dermody for the on-going arts collection. Appearing in mysterious 'melted' forms, the vases are variants of the artists' distinguished ‘Memory Jug’ and are made using the same technique of sculptural collage. By piling on layers of bright concrete over empty beer bottles and incorporating all sorts of collected oddities into the work, Dermody creates surreal scrapbooks of his dreams and anxieties.

ENORME Studio X VITAMIN-ARTE: Astral Bodies at Milan Design WeekENORME Studio X VITAMIN-ARTE: Astral Bodies at Milan Design Week

Astral Bodies - ENORME Studio X VITAMIN-ARTE

ENORME Studio collaborated with VITAMIN-ARTE to showcasing its striking 'Astral Bodies' installation, inspired by the number of meteorites that hit the Earth's surface. Using FINSA Wood's new fibracolour MDF, the studios demonstrate the possibilities of the new material, using it in colourful layers to form the textured surfaces of the 'astral bodies' that reach Earth. More detail on the installation can be found via the extended 'Astral Bodies' post.

The hugely popular Superdesign show ran between 9-13th April 2019 at Superstudio Più – via Tortona 27 Superstudio 13 - via Forcella 13/via Bugatti 9


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