Stylishly Silver: Trends for the Home

Martyn White

Posted on October 28 2014

Contemporary, clean and stylish, silver is a staple metallic to many home designs from fixtures and fittings to beautiful home accessories. 

Continuing the theme of metallics, Silver is a colour that goes with almost anything. Being clean, modern and simple, it's subtle colour qualities allow it to easily partner very easily with other tones and colours. By itself, silver may come across as cold but it has the ability to reflect and absorb colours and tones that surround it giving you limitless possibilities within the home. This extremely popular metallic colour is used within almost every area of design and home, making it incredibly difficult to select just a few key items that really show it off at it's best. Below are just a few of limitless items that can inspire silver in your home.

Silver furniture and home accessories. Interior Design Inspiration

1. Delightful - W Graphic Collection - The whole graphics collection from Delightful is simply stunning. Each light is full of character and takes on a unique style. Mixing and matching can create a personal style for a room and these lights are not just fantastic as lights, but also sculptures. Playful, modern and fun, the graphics collection would make a perfect addition to a study, kids room or even a games room to add the vibrant fun factor. 

2. Britt Kornum - Norm 03 - This incredibly striking light fitting is actually a very simple design. Designed by Britt Kornum, a Danish architect, the light fitting has been designed in multiple finishes and colours. One brilliant thing about the fitting is that the design leaves beautiful patterns across the walls and ceiling when the light is shining through it. Great for a modern dining or living room, this light looks fantastic grouped together or as a singular item.

3. Christofle / Ora-ito - Table Basse - Spectacular in every single way, this is a table base that doubles up as a sculptural art piece. The design has been incorporated into many objects such as candlesticks, lamps and side tables but it is the table base that I love the most with its incredibly striking design.

4. Nova Deko - Tulipo - The design slightly reminds me of the Vancouver Olympic cauldron. A vase that is so abstract it does not even need flowers in it. I selected the item as it is not a typical vase shape and I love items that go against the norm. It is a simple concept that would make the perfect accessory for a sideboard or table in the home.

5. Tektura - Cozumel & Antics - I wanted to select two wallpapers, one with a subtle pattern and another with a stronger pattern and I must say that Texture covers them all. Cozumel has a subtle texture to it that lets the colour do all the work. Available in six metallic colours, Cozumel can be used on a feature wall to accentuate another colour or on all walls which would look fantastic with contrasting furniture. Antics is a much more dominant metallic wallpaper that comes in a hypnotic design. The wallpaper is available in six different colours and would work perfectly on a feature wall to a living room or bedroom.

6. Christofle / Ora-ito - 4 Lights Candelabra - The design was so intriguing and elegant that I had to feature another item from the Christofle range. This candelabra is much simpler than the table base but still remains striking and artistic. Perfect for a dining or side table, the candelabra is available in seven different styles and sizes.

7. Wedgwood - Wish Toasting Flutes - It is not true tableware unless it is Wedgwood. I could not talk about luxury or silver without mentioning this classic brand. These incredibly elegant silver-plated flutes come in sets of two with fine detailing to the base. Perfect for entertaining or as a celebratory gift.

8. Connections at Home - Magis Chair_One Polished Aluminium - I fell in love with this chair at first sight. It is incredibly abstract and artistic whilst having a simplicity of material that means it would also look fantastic as a group of chairs. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, there is most definitely a Magis chair out there to suit every room.



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