Studio Swine X COS: New Spring Installation

Martyn White

Posted on April 17 2017

New Spring is an interactive installation and multi-sensory experience, commissioned by COS and created by Studio Swine for the 2017 Milan Design Week, showcased in a 1930's disused Cinema.

When it comes to making a statement at Milan, competition is incredibly tough. Designers from across the globe showcase their work throughout the beautiful Italian city but there are very few that can match the successes achieved by Studio Swine at this year's design week. Teaming up with COS, the studio showcased an interactive installation and multisensory experience within the space of a disused 1930's cinema.

COS and Studio Swine Installation Milan Studio Swine New Spring Installation with COS Milan Design WeekHolding the bubbles at Studio Swine COS exhibition

As visitors make their way into the old cinema, they pass through a black curtain into a dark room. Once their eyes have had time to adjust, they are immediately greeted by a tall abstract tree sculpture in the centre of the space, an installation called 'New Spring'. Designed to use minimal resources, the tree produces 'blooms' which are mist filled bubbles that softly leave the branch and make their way down to the ground. 


COS X Studio Swine New Spring Installation in Milan White bubbles Studio Swine Installation Milan Design WeekStudio Swine Installation for Milan Design Week Salone del Mobile

Whats fascination about these blossoms is that they do not burst when they come into contact with particular materials. Visitors are provided with special gloves that allow them to interact with the installation, picking up and holding these mesmerising opaque orbs until they burst, releasing scented mist into the air. Watch the video above to see how the blossoms are produced and just what happens when they fall to the ground. 

Swine Studio Installation Milan bubbles on the floorBubbles full of gas Swine Studio COS Installtion

Inspired by the famous cherry blossom festival in Japan, New Spring has been designed to create a unique interaction, bringing people together as they share an exciting and mystical experience at a time that the Cherry Blossom is in full bloom, marking the transition in seasons. For full details on this project and others from Studio Swine, click to be taken to the official website. 

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