Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019

Martyn White

Posted on March 17 2019

Stockholm Furniture Fair showcases an impressive curation of contemporary furniture and design during the 2019 edition of the city's design week.

One of the first design weeks and fairs of the year, Stockholm Design Week invites visitors fro around the globe to discover the best of Scandinavian design, showcasing local and international designers in events across Sweden's capital city. One of the largest exhibitions of the week is the Stockholm Furniture & Lighting Fair hosted at Stockholmsmässan, the city's largest conference and exhibition centre. The fair boasts the most extensive collection of Scandinavian designers, with approximately 80% of the exhibitors coming from Scandinavian countries. See below highlight designs, brands and exhibitors from the 2019 edition of the fair. 

Pholc on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairPholc on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairPholc on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair


Swedish design and lighting brand Pholc exhibited their impressive collection of contemporary lighting designs, works set against a dramatic backdrop of drapery on their stand, stopping passers-by in their tracks. The centrepiece to the display was the artistic Bounce 169 pendant; a ten bulb matte black design that visually represents electricity bouncing from one lamp to the next. Another design of note was the beautiful Blend pendant lamp by Sabina Grubbeson, featured on the stand in matte black and brass finish. The simple form of the pendant merging design and style from both Scandinavia and Japan.

Tom Dixon on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairTom Dixon on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair

Tom Dixon 

Always one to present a swathe of new products with a fresh approach, Tom Dixon exhibited the fascinating new Swirl collection. Visually striking, the pieces are constructed by a unique process that involves using the excess powdered residue from the marble industry. The residue is then mixed with pigment and resin to create vibrant swirling blocks of material, easily sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe to create dramatic home accessories. Also making their debut, the Carved accessory collection consists of mouth-blown, double-layered black and white glass, cut and defined to produce accessories that move away from the classic machine-crafted works that we know and love from the brand. 

And Tradition on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairAnd Tradition on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairAnd Tradition on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair

& Tradition

Timeless Scandinavian furniture, lighting and accessory designs showcase on the & Tradition stand. The brand transported guests into a series of beautifully styled room sets. Visitors could explore and interact with pieces from the brand's impressive collection of designers. Stand out designs from this year's fair include the plush  'Little Petra' lounge chair designed by Viggo Boesen; a magnificent chair begs to be sat in with its super soft fluffy upholstery, perfect for sitting and socialising or curling up with a good book. A wonderful dining series for any home, 'In Between', designed by Sami Kallio is a range of dining chairs, tables and bar stools. The collection is beautiful yet simple in form, allowing for customisation in a variety of wood, upholstery and finish options, suitable for spaces grand and small.

Seletti on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairSeletti on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair


A brand renowned for starting conversations and challenging perceptions, Seletti did not disappoint with their colourful and characterful fabric designs, furniture and art pieces. Some of the brand's most iconic designs were displayed, many from the 'Toiletpaper' collection. Key pieces included the 'Rug Lady on Carpet' -  a 3D effect rug that appears to be swallowing a screaming figure, and, the 'Shit' design - a polka-dot background framing a pair of lips that reveal the name of the collection written on teeth.  The brand also presented pieces from their Seletti + Marcantonio collection, famed for its animal figurines holding lightbulbs and heart valve vases and accessories. 

Kährs 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairKährs 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairKährs 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair


Getting creative at this year's fair with their beautiful stand, Swedish wood flooring company Kährs continued to go against the grain. It displayed their vast collection of flooring designs and finishes on every surface possible - the flooring, the walls and even the furniture. With a fresh perspective on design and over 160 years of history, the brand not only lured visitors towards the stand with their abstract presence but created conversation, pushing the boundaries of expectations from the flooring industry. 

Fritz Hansen on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture FairFritz Hansen on display at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair

Fritz Hansen 

Turning their products into dramatic and vibrant art installations, Fritz Hansen always knows how to attract attention.  Set out into a collection of style rooms, each space exhibited a particular product or collection. The Ikebana vases displayed wildflowers and grasses, set against a mirrored backdrop and vibrant pink podium. The vase's unique quality is the way that it can equally distribute flowers, enabling for easier and effective floral displays. In complete contrast, the room adjacent showcased the Cross-Plex range of table lamps, exhibited on clear acrylic podiums of varying heights against a bionic blue background.

For further information on Stockholm Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture fair, click to view the official website

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