Rise Art: Guest Curator

Martyn White

Posted on October 09 2016

Discover my curated art collection for Rise Art, showcasing the very best and diverse talents that the brand has to offer.

Artwork is a very important part of any interior design, it allows us to add a personal and detailed layer to our home, expressing ourselves in every way imaginable. Whilst it is a necessity to interior design, artwork can be one of the most difficult items discover and purchase a design that is just right. After being introduced to Rise Art a few months back, I was very impressed to discover that you can rent artwork as well as purchase it from their huge collection of works. Renting is a fantastic idea, one that I would love to see more of as it allows you to try out a style before you commit to a purchase and for those that love change, allows you to regularly rotate works to keep a room fresh.

This week, I have had the pleasure of curating a collection of my favourite designs for the Rise Art website.  I have selected thirty designs, ranging from drawings to prints and paintings.

#1161114 - Jemma Appleby 

Black and white modern drawing from Jemma Appleby on Rise Art

Birds - Tommy Clarke 

Nature fom above art print orange and brown from Tommy Clarke on Rise Art

Brilliance of Colour - Victoria Horkan 

colourful abstract panting from Victoria Horkan on Rise Art

Busy - Paul Brown 

Colourful art print from Paul Brown at Rise Art

Chapel - Gina Soden 

Abandoned Chapel photograph from Gina Soden on Rise Art

Eastwood, Roosevelt Island, NYC - Sarah Evans 

Drawing of Eastwood Roosevelt Island by Sarah Evans on Rise Art

Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Anna Marrow 

blue white and yellow modern art print by Anna Marrow on Rise Art

Harbour 11 - Patricia McParlin

Abstract art print by Patricia McParlin on Rise Art

Never Rest - Paul Bennett

modern abstract painting Never Rest by Paul Bennett on Rise Art

Urban Geometry, Oxford Street - Nick Miners 

Oxford street modern architecture black and white photography by Nick Miners

Whilst it sounds easy, limiting my selection to just thirty designs was incredibly difficult and narrowing this down to ten for my blog has been even more so. The range of artists, styles and mediums available is very impressive and has sent my own creativity into overdrive. My top ten selection above (in no particular order) consists of paintings, drawings, prints and photography that stop me in my tracks and lure me in. They showcase the diversity and talent that surrounds us and represent some of the finest works that I feel Rise Art has to offer. #1161114 - Jemma Appleby | Birds - Tommy Clarke | Brilliance in Colour - Victoria Horkan | Busy - Paul Brown | Chapel - Gina Soden | Eastwood, Roosevelt Islant, NYC - Sarah Evans | Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Anna Marrow | Harbour 11 - Patricia McParlin | Never Rest - Paul Bennett | Urban Geometry, Oxford Street - Nick Miners. 



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