Porcelanosa: Factory Experience

Martyn White

Posted on October 20 2017

Touring the Porcelanosa Factory to discover how the brand produces and distributes their collections in an impressive and incredibly precise operation.

Earlier in the year, I had the incredible opportunity of visiting the Porcelanosa factory and HQ in Valencia, Spain. The tour gave us an insight into the fascinating world of this iconic brand, sharing with us their latest designs and style forecasts, processes and production that go on behind the scenes and how the brand plans to progress in the future with exciting new advances. My earlier post 'Porcelanosa: Showroom Experience' covers the finished designs ready to be revealed to the world. See below the factory tour to discover how the brand produces and distributes their products.

Porcelanosa Factory Bike PoseDrawing on tiles to create artworkPorcelanosa tile artwork

We started the tour in creative fashion by taking part in a large tile mural drafted by talented Spanish artist Coté Escrivá who had sketched out designs for guests to trace over and make their own with thick black graphic pens. The finished mural was then dismantled and gifted to the participants at the end of the tour to take home part of the experience. 

Touring the main factory production lines was an incredibly unique experience, unlike any factory visit before, replacing dirty machinery and worn facilities with high gloss floors and automated technology. Following the coloured lines on the floor, machines can direct themselves around the building, transferring products from one area to the next, freeing up staff times to quality check and maintain the floor. 

Porcelanosa Grupo factory tourPorcelanosa tile factoryHow do they make tiles?Porcelanosa clean factory floorPorcelanosa factory visit

Huge kilns that span the length of the warehouses slowly heat and cool the materials to produce the perfect tile designs. Most of the machine is covered to retain the specified temperatures whilst also remaining as environmentally friendly as possible. Some temperatures have to be so hot that you can see the rollers heating up and producing an orange glow (seen in the image above) Depending on the style and design, a tile can spend around an hour on the production line as it progresses from one side of the warehouse to the other. Once completed, an automated machine will pick up the goods and move them to the required location.

Technology is so advanced that there is minimal human contact until it comes to quality checking. Once everything is complete the tiles make their way through a series of underground tunnels that transport them across to the logistics centre where we were able to witness huge cases being stored in vast storage units, reaching high into the warehouse facilities (directly above) stored until they are ready for distribution. At the touch of a button, a shipment can be retrieved and inspected, packed and sent out across the globe.

Krion machine at PorcelanosaShaped Krion with lighting Minerals at PorcelanosaKrion factory Valencia

Guests also had the opportunity to work with one of Porcelanosa's most innovative materials, KRION. This advanced material consists of two-thirds natural minerals, combined with a low percentage of high resistance resins. This combination produces a material that is not only anti-bacterial but hard wearing, resistant and incredibly easy to clean. During a demonstration, KRION had acid, paint and stains thrown at it, it was set on fire and scored with a knife, only for it to be cleaned and remain the same. 

During the workshop, we placed circular sections of KRION into a mould which was heated and pressed. Upon removal, with some time to cool, we able to see how simple it is to transform the material into different shapes, opening up endless possibility when it comes to design. 

The trip was truly unforgettable and I want to thank Porcelanosa for such a wonderful opportunity to meet them. It is always great to see behind the scenes of a brand but when it comes to Porcelanosa, there was no preparing for how evolutionary and impressive one brand can be. 

For details and information on the collections available, click to view the official Poecelanosa website via the link.




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