Passionately Purple: Trends for the Home

Martyn White

Posted on December 15 2014

Warm and welcoming with enough vibrancy to create beautiful features for the home, purple is a strong favourite for the home. Discover interior design and home accessory inspiration. 

Purple is currently one of the most popular colours this season for the home and there really is no escaping it. There are so many opportunities with this colour which, can generally be classified as fitting within the unisex category. Even in its strongest form, purple is not hugely overpowering due to its location on the colour spectrum between the feminine pink and the masculine blue. I feel that it combines the best of these two colours to create a colour that is incredibly beautiful and welcoming in all of its forms. Suitable for every room in the home, I have selected my favourite items available from some of the best designers in the business.

Purple Interior Design, Furniture and decorating ideas for the home

1. Tektura | Delineate (Back) Chacran (Middle) Como (Front) As usual, Tektura never fails to impress with there fantastic and large collection of wallpapers. I have selected these three as they have brilliant textures and can all easily add character to a room.

2. Creative Danes | Double Candleholder - A sculptural and functional piece that would make the perfect accessory for a dining table or sideboard. The candleholders look as if they are dancing with each other, such an elegant yet modern item.

3. Muuto | E27 Pendant Lamp - One of my favourite items from the selection, the E27 pendant lamp. I love that the design is so simple yet incredibly striking. This style is available in a huge range of colours to compliment it's surroundings perfectly.

4. Boca Do Lobo | Limited Edition Monochrome - When someone says "purple" to me, this is the first item that comes to mind. Boca Do Lobo are notorious for their daring and incredibly unique designs and Monochrome does not disappoint. Its fluid design will most definitely turn heads and is perfect for an entrance hall or living room.

5. Bormioli | Cassiopea Amethyst Rocks (Front) Diamond DOF (Left) Diamond Cooler (Right) I really cannot get enough of these glasses. Bormioli has such a fantastic collection of glassware that I simply do not have enough space to contain them all. A simple way to add a touch of artistic class to an interior.

6. True Grace | Curious Tuberose -A selection of great candles and scents in great colours to match any interior. There are an unbelievable amount of scents to suit everyone's tastes with matching colours to add even more beauty.

7. Heathfield & Co | Portia Violet - When art crosses over with lighting. The Portia table lamp is available in Violet, Ruby and Garnet. The great thing about this lamp is that the colour and design are accentuated when the light is switched on, creating an even more dramatic look.

8. Uber Interiors | Charming Sofa - A sofa that is the life of any room, Such a great design that on different shapes from every angle that you look at it. The back of the sofa takes on a completely different look with elasticated strips which add a beautiful finesse to the design.

9. The Painted Clock | Purple Clock - Mixing traditional with modern design, the Painted Clock is available in a range of colours including grey, blue, green, red and black. A simple way to liven up a room by injecting a vibrant colour.


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