Paolo Cappello: Design Evolution

Martyn White

Posted on March 24 2016

Three characterful designs from Paolo Cappello. Each design has been inspired by the past but designed for the future. Discover the design detail behind these incredible products. 

Vibrant, fun and characterful are the words that I would use to describe Paolo Capello's designs. Taking familiar objects, products and items of furniture, transforming their look and enhancing their use for the modern day. Establishing his studio in the idyllic city of Verona during 2007, Capello has achieved international recognition through his designs and collaborations. With such a vast catalogue of products and awards, I have selected just three designs as my personal favourites, representing incredible products. 


Curuso is inspired by the past but designed for the future. Speakers have always had an ugly presence in a room. Many brands and designers attempt to hide them, incorporate them into picture frames, embed them into the ceiling and walls of a space so that they are not seen. Curuso, on the other hand, highlights exactly where the speaker is with the use of a large trumpet shape design, inspired by the gramophone, protruding very artistically out of a side cabinet. This "digital gramophone" uses a Bluetooth speaker to amplify quality sound like no other and is available in many finishes and colours, including my favourite, the limited edition 24K gold plated trumpet. 


Vitos is a simple and classic design incorporating the adjustability and characteristics of a stool that you would usually expect to see in a workshop with the vibrant colours and contemporary style that you would love to see in your home. The corkscrew connection from the seat to the base not only allows you to adjust the height to your preference, it adds a defining characteristic and unique style to the chair. Available in three different base heights with natural beech seat and an option of multiple lacquered finished to personalise and perfect the style to your space.

Alter Ego

Alter Ego, the double mirror with multiple personalities. This design has been created with personal preference at its heart. This large curved corner mirror with smaller insert is designed to be displayed at any angle, each giving a slightly different look and feel to a room. The surrounding slanted frame adds a further dimension to the design and is available in a range of lacquered colours, perfect for many different rooms and spaces. 

These are just three incredible designs from Paolo Cappello. To view the full catalogue and discover more, click HERE to visit the Paolo Cappello Design website. 


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