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Martyn White

Posted on June 04 2018

Luxury furniture and lighting brand OCHRE teams up with Notting Hill-based Flow Gallery to launch an exciting exhibition during this year's Clerkenwell Design Week.

Combining two of my favourite things, luxury lighting and furniture brand OCHRE have collaborated with Flow Gallery to host a unique exhibition in the designer's extraordinary Clerkenwell showroom on Britton Street. Showcasing twelve artists work from multiple disciplines including wood, ceramics and enamel, creations are set amongst the iconic works and impressive lighting displays of the OCHRE brand. 

OCHRE furniture and lighting design collaboration with the Flow Gallery OCHRE red floor lamp with Flow Gallery artOCHRE furniture and lighting design collaboration with the Flow Gallery

Set against OCHRE's mesmerising new pastel pink sofa, Vezzini & Chen's 'Shades of White' captured the attention of many. A bespoke ceramic wall installation inspired by Winter landscapes, each disc has been hand carved and mounted onto a perspex to create an elegant layered effect that draws the eye in. On the opposite wall, echoing the pastel pinks and soft greys of the showroom, Nina Malterud's work is present in the form of large glazed disks.  Each creation captures a unique hue and texture due to the unpredictable nature of the materials and techniques used to create them. 

Flow Gallery Ceramics by Hans Vangso hosted at the OCHRE showroom LondonFlow Gallery Wooden bowls by Hans Henning Pedersen hosted at the OCHRE showroom LondonOCHRE Lighting on display at their Clerkenwell showroom

Displayed on the Lunar table with vintage mirror tabletop, Hans Vangsø's collection of vessels vary in size, height and finish. Inspired by the Japanese tradition that proudly exhibits the root and soul of ceramics, each piece is entirely unique, with glazed finishes being achieved through firing several times in a homemade gas kiln, wrapped in paper-saggars with salt, seaweed and metals at 1300℃. Mirroring OCHRE's admiration of the natural world, Hans Henning Pedersen is present in the exhibition with a beautiful range of turned wooden bowls. Using Beech and Ash found on the island of Bornholm, Pedersen is attracted to the imperfections of the materials, creating an unpredictable finish and beautiful form that maintains its natural beauty and connections.

Flow Gallery Ceramics by Kolk & Guus Kusters hosted at the OCHRE showroom LondonFlow Gallery Ceramics by Lisa Stockham hosted at the OCHRE showroom LondonFlow Gallery collaboration with OCHRE

Other works and artists exhibiting are Eleanor Lakelin with an impressive sculpted wooden vessel, Studio Maarten & Guus Kusters' 'Withering Tableware', a collection of fine china decorated with an innovative painting technique, Lisa Stockham and textured pots inspired by the textile patterns of Indian woodblock printing, Joanna Stil sharing her delicate designs created on the potter's wheel and a personal favourite, Rowena Brown (directly below) consisting of several miniature sculptures of archetypal buildings and houses, exploring the themes of self, isolation and community. 

OCHRE and Flow Gallery Exhibition

The OCHRE and Flow Gallery exhibition will be on display from 23rd May - 14th June 2018 at OCHRE's Clerkenwell showroom located at 

For showroom opening times and information regarding any of the furniture and lighting designs featured, click to view the official OCHRE website. Details on the artists included in the exhibition and available work from the gallery can be found via the official Flow Gallery website. 


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