Michael Anastassiades: The Abstract Beauty

Martyn White

Posted on October 31 2015

Contemporary designs from Michael Anastassiades including the iconic globe lighting designs, floating forest series and the 2008 glassware collection.

I have been a huge fan of Michael Anastassiades' designs for many years. Each item has a luxurious presence whilst remaining simple and elegant in form. The design allows the viewer to focus on the quality and beauty of the materials used, creating a look that many designers are unable to create. With an impressive collection, I have selected a few of my favourites to share from the lighting, glassware and accessory collections.

Michael Anastassiades globe lighting designsMichael Anastassiades globe lighting black finish

There is a familiar pattern that runs through many of the lighting designs, a smooth opaline light casing that is complemented by a brass sculptural support. The designs almost appear weightless as if they are floating or perching on these simple metal shapes. The two materials, though completely different to one another, forge a unique relationship. This relationship creates a truly breathtaking work of art.

Michael Anastassiades Glassware collaboration with StudioILSE

Designed in collaboration with StudioILSE, this beautiful glassware collection consists of three types of Champagne glass and one water glass. Once again, there is a simple yet elegant form to the designs. The subtle curvature creates a beautiful detailing that adds sophistication and compliments the material used, a stunning collection of mouth-blown glassware.

Michael Anastassiades Floating Forest Series

The Floating forest series is a very intriguing set of designs. Capturing the germination of an acorn, Anastassiades uses the beauty and intricacy of nature against the elegance of glass and brass material to reveal an ever-changing and developing part of a plant that would usually remain out of sight an underground. Suspended or supported in a range of different ways, each design creates a new work of art that exposes a delicate unseen world.

To view the full collection of Michael Anastassiades designs, click HERE to visit his website.


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