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Martyn White

Posted on July 31 2017

Any lovers of teaware and porcelain design will know Meissen. I visit their concession in Harrods to find out more about the brand.

An iconic porcelain brand, know the world over for its intricate designs, collaborations and diversity of products, I visit the Meissen concession in Harrods, another icon in itself, to explore the collection and learn more about the production and processes that go into some of the most highly sort after items from the business. Whether it is traditional design and hand painted craft or contemporary design for an everyday dinner service, what is so impressive about Meissen is not only their rich history but their ability to cater for so many styles, areas and uses without losing the definition of the brand.

Meissen Blue decorative vases with lids Harrods LondonMeissen Blue Onion teaware and tableware sets HarrodsMeissen Blue Orchid tableware and crockery Harrods

Meissen porcelain can be dated back to 1708 and its extensive history covers everything from decorative figurines and vases to tableware, jewelry, and artwork. During my visit to the concession, a design in particular that immediately caught my attention was the Royal B&X collection (B-Form designs featured below). The designs within the range manage to capture traditional luxury at its best whilst adding a contemporary spin, making each piece suitable for both traditional and contemporary table settings. Part of the range features rich decorative detailing, incorporating colourful flowers alongside mesmerising royal blue stripes, whilst the other end of the collection strips down this design, presenting only the fine gold form shapes, a beautiful contrast to the smooth glossy surface of the white porcelain.  

Royal B + X collection teaset Meissen Harrods Meissen Royal B + X Luxury crockery plates Meissen Royal B + X gold and pink teacupMeissen luxury tea cups and saucers in multiple colours

Whilst tableware was the main topic of discussion, it was fascinating to explore the other areas of design, some strongly associated with the brand for hundreds of years. One of the most famous limited edition collections often associated with Meissen is the Monkey Orchestra. Madame de Pompadour, consort of King Louis Quinze, bought one of the first Monkey Orchestras of all in as early as December 1753 and ever since this date, these cheeky little monkeys have been the centre of attention. Twenty one monkeys make up the orchestra, plus an accompanying music stand. Every piece has been delicately constructed and hand painted. Whilst the designs have remained relatively unchanged over the years, limited edition collections and collaborations have been created to inject a new artistic life into these collectibles. Click to see the Asprey London collaboration in my recent visit to the store during London Craft Week to meet one of the talented painters demonstrate the craft for the public to see. 

Meissen show space Harrods LondonMeissen luxury contemporary style crockery and table settingMeissen luxury teaware tea cups and tableware

The store visit opened my eyes to the rich history of the Meissen brand and how, after all this time, the business continues to maintain a strong and loyal following. Whilst some brands abide by a very strict model and rules, it constricts designs to a specific style. It is refreshing to see that Meissen has gone beyond this and is able to develop outside the box, testing itself and evolving to cater for new and wider audiences. It is this mindset and the incredible talent of its designers and craftspeople that have developed a legacy, one that is sure to continue long past its counterparts.

For more information on Meissen and its full collection of products, click the link to view the official website.


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