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Martyn White

Posted on August 10 2017

Showcasing the finest in art, antiques and design, Masterpiece returned to the Royal Chelsea Hospital for another year of glamour, luxury and extravagance.

It is that time of year again when the world of luxury design returns to the Royal Chelsea Hospital for a week of extravagance, glamour and creativity at this year's Masterpiece fair. Showcasing the very best in art, antiques and design, this is a fair not to be missed and one of the highlights of the luxury design calendar. With the exhibition set, brands in place and a whole host of unique artwork and design ready to be admired and purchased, it is time to explore the stands and experience the latest edition of the fair.

Bubbles artwork sculpture on display at Masterpiece LondonWallace Chan Designs Masterpiece 2017Wallace Chan bug jewellery design

With so many impressive brands exhibiting this year, it was not possible to feature every design in the post however, I wanted to share with you a few of the highlights and standout pieces on display at this year's event. Upon entry, guests were immediately greeted by a fascinating neon green installation by Paul Yasmin Gallery, featuring the designs of Ivan Navarro; mesmerising mirrored boxes of neon green lights titled the 'Impenetrable Room' disorientating visitors sense of perspective as they interact and analyse the work.

A strong favourite was 'Bubble Cabinet' 2017 by Jeroen Verhoeven, inciting a playful side to art by replicating every child's dream, bubble blowing. This glass sculpture begs to be touched and is an impressive example of what technology can create, replicating the look, and weightless feel of oily liquid bubbles gently bouncing on a plinth, ready to pop.

Masterpiece Art Fair 2017 HighlightsMasterpiece Art Gallery 2017 LondonMasterpiece Tape measure style artworkFun abstract art designs on display at Masterpiece 2017Abstract flecks red and white texture artwork on display at Masterpiece

It is always fascinating to see familiar, everyday objects used within art, taking on a new life distant to their familiar uses. A stand full of these exciting designs was Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts, ranging from Sam Havadtoy, creating iconic Disney characters and American pop art from colourful acrylic textures to Hur Kyung-Ae with her art canvas sculptures, layering multi colours acrylic to create works of mesmerising texture, pleading to be touched. A personal favourite was the works of Ilhwa Kim (works seen above) with twisted multi coloured Korean paper called hanji, creating pinnacles and valleys jumping out of the canvas.

Based Upon London Installation rock art Masterpiece 2017Sound and movement in rock art Based Upon London for MasterpieceElicyon design Masterpiece stand 2017Black and white geometric style artwork at Masterpiece London

Interactive and responsive art has also had a huge presence at this year's fair thanks to Based Upon London. This impressive installation and works focus on the breathing of an individual meditating in the centre of the room. Five works surrounding respond in their own unique ways, breathing with the individual. One piece breathes with light, changing the presence of the design, another responds with motion, rotating slowly upon each breath, a third interacts with five point motion and another media uses soft vibrations. Representing the cracks in nature and beautiful form, the installation displays our connection to the world and how everything we do has an impact on it.

Masterpiece Boat display 2017Speed Boats Masterpiece Fair London 2017Abstract art gallery on display at Masterpiece 2017Masterpiece Fair 2017 London

Interior design favourites Elicyon were also involved in this year's exhibition, working with Osborne Samuel Gallery to design and style their stand. Combining luxury interior design and sophisticated style, the designers were able to showcase some of the best in modern British painting within soft and welcoming surroundings.

It would not be Masterpiece without the glamour and luxury of boating and luxury Riva was on hand exhibiting an exclusive Riva Aquarama Lamborghini model, a work of art and functional boat powered by the same engines of that from a sports car.

For three years I have been invited to the arts fair by the wonderful team at LINLEY. I would like to take this time to thank them for all of the work they have done and the time they have spent with me, introducing me to their inspirational designs and giving me insight into the brand. For coverage of LINLEY at the event, click to view the 'LINLEY: masterpiece 2017' post with highlights of their three very special bespoke creations.


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