Masterpiece 2019: Rose Uniacke

Martyn White

Posted on July 08 2019

Rose Uniacke exhibits their collection of luxurious furniture design and art at the 2019 edition of Masterpiece London.

Interiors, furniture and lighting designer Rose Uniacke returned to the Masterpiece Fair in London for its 2019 edition. Showcasing a beautiful collection of furniture, lighting and artworks, Uniacke created an enchanting and intimate space to displays the works for visitors to explore. Always one to catch the eye with intricate design pieces crafted from a range of luxurious and natural materials, the exhibition space was painted in an alluring rich red hue, finished with a dark wood timber floor. 

Standout pieces on display were the Totemic sculpture attributed to Janine Janet (directly below); a beautiful white plaster sculpture that provided a striking contrast to the darker surrounding furniture and designs. The Free Composition of Ceramic Briquettes by Pierre Digan located on the back wall of the booth also attracted attention; a sculptural work of art consisting of 270 fired components with an iron-spotted textured glaze. 

Rose Uniacke Masterpiece 2019Rose Uniacke Masterpiece 2019Rose Uniacke Masterpiece 2019Rose Uniacke Masterpiece 2019

A personal favourite was the highly decorative polychrome glass pendant attributed to Flavio Poli. This fascinating piece transforms and sparkles as one walks around it, elegantly revealing its layers of textured petals from the illuminating light from within. 

Rose Uniacke continues to wow the crowds year after year with an impressive curation of luxurious designs, supported by beautiful styling and a meticulous level of detail.

For further information, click on the following links to discover more about Rose Uniacke and the 2019 edition of Masterpiece Lonon. 


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