Masterpiece 2018: LINLEY

Martyn White

Posted on July 08 2018

LINLEY impress the crowds at this year's Masterpiece as they release the Torque dining table, Tellus globe and Eclipse side tables. 

Having the opportunity to visit the Masterpiece Fair for the fourth year in a row, I could not wait to discover the exciting designs and handcrafted pieces that LINLEY reveal every year at the show. From the intricately carved metal detailing of the Fulbeck desk from 2017 to the everchanging Lightscape marquetry of 2015 that was inspired by the changing light of the day, this is a brand that never fails to impress. This year, the designers launched three designs, each with their own impressive personality; the Torque dining table, Tellus globe and the Eclipse side tables. 

LINLEY Torque Dining Table at MasterpieceLINLEY Torque Dining Table at MasterpieceLINLEY Torque Dining Table at Masterpiece

Torque Dining Table 

The centrepiece design for this year's show was the Torque dining table; An incredible and sculptural work of art. The inspiration for the design came from the effortless beauty created by movement such as the elegant flow of a dress. The centre of the table is crafted in a mesmerising Portoro marble which moves to the touch to reveal its use as a Lazy Susan. The circular motion has been captured and framed by a fan of 'rippling' walnut pieces, edged with satinwood that directs the eye to the edge of the dining table, down towards the base. Below the surface of the table, the movement continues through the layering of walnut to create a spectacular twist in the table's base. 

LINLEY Tellus Globe at MasterpieceLINLEY Tellus Globe at MasterpieceLINLEY Tellus Globe at Masterpiece

Tellus Globe

Continuing their collaboration with iconic globemakers Bellerby & Co., LINLEY create the Tellus globe. Featuring a 50cm diameter globe that effortlessly appears to float on three dark grey anegre veneered stand. The globe rests on three roller bearings, which allow for a fluid 360-degree motion. The large orb has been meticulously hand-painted using a Sennelier watercolour pigment. The globe collaboration has been one of my favourite ranges in recent years, combining the traditional glamour of antique globes with the wonderful contemporary finishes and techniques famed with LINLEY craftsmanship. 

LINLEY Eclipse Side Tables at MasterpieceLINLEY Eclipse Side Tables at Masterpiece

Eclipse Side Tables

The stacked base columns of the Eclipse collection of side tables feature contrasting veneers of ripple walnut and satinwood to create a twisted architectural silhouette that extracts the colouring from the Portoro marble used for the top. Available in a selection of varying heights, each size creates its own unique profile. 

As with the past Masterpiece showcases, I am always blown away by the quality and level of detail that goes into every design. LINLEY is one of the very few brands to showcase such varying pieces every year, constantly challenging perceptions and providing luxurious designs that blur the boundaries between art, sculpture and furniture design. 


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