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Martyn White

Posted on April 30 2015

The fun and intuitive designs from Markus Johansson, an incredible design studio located in Gothenburg. Bright designs full of character.

I wanted to share with you a designer that I recently discovered in my continuous hunt for the very best in luxury design. I stumbled upon the Hello Dude lamp a little while back, a fun design that instantly caught my eye. The lamp was so intriguing that I decided to find out the designer behind the piece, it was then that I knew I was on to a winner. Markus Johansson has created products that ignore the normal, injecting vitality and curiosity into its surroundings. 


Solstice Ceiling Lamp Markus Johansson

Solstice is an incredibly simple concept that makes a big difference. Whilst these lamps look different, they are actually the same product. The lamp is designed to change with your needs. Acting as a giant screw, the larger the lamp, the larger the light dispersion. The smaller the lamp, the more focused the light becomes.

Solstice adjustable ceiling pendant from Markus Johansson

Whilst the lamp is designed with functionality at heart, it is also a fantastic way to change the form of the lamp, you will be surprised just how much difference a long pendant lamp will look in a room to a smaller, more compact one. The lamp is currently available in grey, black and turquoise


Nest Chair Markus Johansson

Nature is not so black and white, natural objects aren't ridged or square, they take on soft flowing forms just as the Nest chair replicates. There is so much movement in this incredible design and I love the contrast between the base and the back of the chair.

Black Nest Chair Markus Johansson

The construction of the chair is just as impressive as the design, which you can see from the product video on the website. Each piece of wood interlocks with the next, creating a soft and flowing form, incredibly easy on the eye.


Hello Dude Table Lamp Markus Johansson

A personal favourite and my first discovery of the brand, the Hello Dude lamp is just as fun and funky as its name. The concept is to create a directional light with the use of the cap on the top of the light. As you move the cap, you can direct and even control the intensity of the light.

Hello Dude Table Lamp from Markus Johansson

Its fun concept not only allows this product to look great but helps it to be much more functional and useful than a standard lamp. Made of steel and glass, the lamp is currently available in three beautiful colours to compliment a multiple of spaces.


Birdie coloured glass decanter from Markus Johansson

My final selection is Birdie, a playful decanter available in four different colours. An object that is generally designed for look and display purposes, Birdie makes full use of its beauty and form to draw the eye in. Conceived with the idea of connecting geometric shapes, the decanter has been created in two sizes intended for wine (80l) and water (50l).

Birdie decanters from Markus Johansson

I love the design for its different form and colouring. Many decanters seem to have lost personality, sitting lifelessly on a table. I believe that a decanter should take centre stage, adding finesse to a table setting, Birdie most certainly contributes this.

It is important to me for a product to have a story, an inspiration, something that sets it apart from the rest. So many of us can fall into a standard life where so many things are overlooked and forgotten. Markus Johansson is a brand that injects curiosity and fun back into design, creating unique objects full of character which is something that I admire. To view the full ranges, click here to be taken to the Markus Johansson website.


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