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Martyn White

Posted on June 05 2018

Manfredi Style put on a show of vibrant colours and abstract forms at this year's Milan Design Week. 

One of the highlights of this year's Milan Design Week was the discovery of Manfredi Style, displayed within a gallery, hidden away above the streets of Milan. The brand curates design that mixes abstract form with vibrant colours and curious surfaces, applied to functional pieces of furniture for the world to admire. Every item on display is not afraid to demand that attention that it so rightly deserves, basking in the response of curious eyes. Discover the beautiful designs on display during the show below. 

Manfredi Style Milan Design WeekManfredi Style Milan Design WeekManfredi Style Milan Design Week

The contemporary installation set against a traditional interior was the perfect way to showcase just how adaptive the collection of designs can be. The reflective surfaces of the 'Bolle Cabinet' (top image) with its pink and silver mirror facade and galvanised copper legs, reflect the surroundings of the room, absorbing the colours of the walls and accessories to appear as if it had been designed specifically for that space. As the light changes within the home, these fascinating pieces transform, revealing further layers and a depth that can only be produced by high gloss and reflective designs. 

Manfredi Style Milan Design WeekManfredi Style Milan Design WeekManfredi Style Milan Design Week

Injecting eccentricity and character into an interior, the collection of ceramic vases by Ahryun Lee are part of the 'Tasty' collection. These alien forms take on lives of their own with each surface reminiscent of certain taste and sense. The vibrant colours and quirky patterns are a great way to accessorise a feature space in the home, creating a point of conversation and introducing fun and positivity into a design, something regularly forgotten with many interiors in recent times. The vase collection is also entirely unique with only one piece being made at a time, ensuring that every vase has it's own individual personality. 

Manfredi Style Milan Design WeekManfredi Style Milan Design WeekManfredi Style Milan Design Week

It is reassuring to see a brand that is not afraid to challenge perceptions. For such a long time interior design has remained safe with muted tones and a serious persona. Furniture should be about expressing ourselves and surrounding our lives with things that we associate with and enjoy. I hope that from this year's Milan Design Week and brands such as Manfredi Style having a strong presence that people and designers will feel more confident stepping into an area of design that is exciting, colourful and passionate. 

For further details on the items featured and to discover more from the brand, click to visit the official Manfredi Style website via the link. 


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