Maison Valentina: Ornamental Koi

Martyn White

Posted on January 26 2015

Taking bathroom design to a new level with the Koi sculptural collection from Maison Valentina with bathtub, washbasin and furniture designs. 

Bathrooms can be one of the most challenging rooms in a house when it comes to design and decoration. There are so many additional aspects that need to be considered, especially when it comes to water and how the materials used will interact with it. For these reasons, so many of us choose to be safe, purchasing standard materials and fittings using the classic tried and tested methods which can create a uniformed look. Interiors are about expressing individuality and character, which can easily be lost within a standard bathroom interior, so it is reassuring to see Maison Valentina, such a vibrant brand adding such character and luxury to a room so easily undervalued by many of us.

Koi bathtub from Maison Valentina brass bath tub
In an earlier article 'Brabbu: The Urban Lifestyle', I had selected the Koi side table as a key item from the Brabbu collection for its outstanding beauty and references to Japanese culture. I was delighted to see that this iconic range has continued into the bathroom through the partner brand Maison Valentina. The materials and designs translate perfectly into the bathroom, creating exquisite works of art, rarely seen in an environment such as a bathroom.

Maison Valentina Koi Brass and black marble sink
The freestanding wash basin has a beautiful full-length design which creates a dramatic and unfamiliar appearance. As with other Koi pieces, not every "scale" is solid which helps the washbasin to appear light and sculptural. Whilst the design is striking, it is not overpowering, allowing other materials to complement the design, including the black polished marble basin.

Golden bathtub koi scales from Maison Valentina

Koi golden scale bathtub detailing

undoubtedly the most intriguing design from the Koi collection, this stunning work of art looks fantastic from every angle. The design of the base seems to resemble a theatre curtain, parting below to reveal the main focus of the aged iron bathtub behind it. The two metals work effortlessly together to create a depth to the design with a beautiful vintage finish.

Koi gold wash basin with black marble

Koi double washbasin from Maison Valentina

My favourite item from the collection has to be the double washbasin. Nothing says luxury more than having dual washbasins and Maison Valentina have designed an item that with luxury at its heart. The Nero Marquina marble is a fantastic material to use. Not only does the marble look great in all conditions, it is incredibly durable and a perfect match for water. The base is very similar to that of the bath, creating an effortlessly light appearance, almost allowing the marble to float. Similar to its name, the Koi collection is inspired by the Koi carp and Japanese culture. The beauty and serenity of these symbols have been perfectly transferred into the designs through materials, finishes and form. References to the Japanese water gardens create a perfect relationship with the bathroom, representing water, peace and tranquillity, everything that you would hope a bathroom could represent. It is the detail surrounding each item and the stories that they tell that make these designs so inspiring. Maison Valentina has not just created a beautiful piece of furniture, it has created a character and a story that is played out through each item. It is rare to have an instant attachment to an object but Maison Valentina has designed a range that you will never want to let go.


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