Maison & Objet: Rising Talents

Martyn White

Posted on January 25 2017

A highlight from this year's Maison & Objet exhibition was the opportunity to meet the rising talents and discover more on their incredible designs and journeys into design.

 Six of the UK's leading design, fashion and architectural talents have each sponsored a young talent that they wish to support, giving them the incredible platform to promote their works and showcase them to the world. See the six selected talents, their exhibited creations and the sponsors that have supported them. 

Giles Miller Rising Talent Maison & ObjetGiles Miller Studio bronze copper pin art

Giles Miller | Sponsor: Ross Lovegrove 

The mesmerising use of materials has gained Giles Miller an international following through projects with iconic brands such as British Airways, Publicis, Selfridges, Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Hermes just to name a few. His designs on display at Maison & Objet represent seasons and changing and moving in time. It was great to see such highly reflective surfaces interacting with the light as you walk around the display. 

Official Website: Giles Miller

ZuZa Mengham rising Talent Maison & ObjetZuza Mengham sculpture designs Maison & Objet

Zuza Mengham | Sponsor: Tom Dixon 

Having first discovered Zuza Mengham's work at Conran for the London Design Festival, it was fantastic to see her popularity catapult to new levels. I was not surprised to see her nominated as a rising talent as the response to her beautiful creations says it all. Describes as sculptural objects, it is fascinating to see the multiple layers built up. It almost reminds me of an ultra-modern snow globe, frozen in time. 

Official Website: Zuza Mengham 

Marcin Rusak rising talent Maison & Objet Marcin Rusak Maison & Objet Table Lamp

Marcin Rusak | Sponsor: Ilse Crawford 

There is such a strong essence of luxury to Marcin Rusak's designs. Using flower infused resin, cross-sections reveal the beautiful colours and shapes of the flowers frozen in time. What makes Rusak's work stand out above the rest is that the flowers of the design are not an interpretation, a print or forced pattern, the pattern and colour come from nature itself, adding unique and unpredictable character.

Official Website: Marcin Rusak 

John Booth Rising Talent Maison & Objet John Booth vibrant artwork rising talent Maison & Objet

John Booth | Sponsor: Paul Smith 

Fun, playful and vibrant, you cannot help but notice John Booth's creations whether it be in print, ceramics or fashion. I can not think of a better sponsor for Booth than Paul Smith himself. There are a similar eccentricity and passion for design and I love that both designers constantly make people think. The works on display at Maison & Objet were two framed hand drawings and ceramic designs both containing the trademark face design. 

Sebastian Cox rising talent Maison & Objet Sebastian Cox Maison & Objet

Sebastian Cox | Sponsor: Jay Osgerby 

I love the contemporary take on traditional craft with Sebastian Cox's work. His studio was founded on the principle that the past can be used to design and make the future and this is something that I completely agree with. To see traditional craftsmanship and skills being used in modern day items is becoming a rare sight. Not only is Cox's mindset refreshing, there is a huge emphasis on the environment and being sustainable. 

Official Website: Sebastian Cox

Studio Swine Maison & Objet Studio Swine designs Maison & Objet

Studio Swine | Sponsor: Nigel Coates 

Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves have an extreme passion for materials. Their designs are fascinating and as they travel the world they look to turn waste materials into luxury. This impressive and responsible take on design attracted the attention of Nigel Coates, who picked their work for a show that he was curating. Once again, it is refreshing to see this attitude to design, acknowledging that the world has limited resources and that they should be reused and enhanced again and again.

Official Website: Studio Swine


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