Maison & Objet: Richard Brendon

Martyn White

Posted on January 29 2017

A designer that never fails to impress, Richard Brendon showcases his designs at this year's Maison & Objet. Discover his brand new Fluted collection here.

I could not visit Maison & Objet without experiencing the delights that the Richard Brendon stand had to offer. Showcasing his full collection of luxury glassware, tea sets and handcrafted leather coasters, I could have spent hours admiring the detail, construction and inspiration behind every piece. Launching in 2012, it still amazes me with what Brendon and his brand have achieved and the outstanding products that have been created. 

Richard Brendon gold reflect teacup with patternity saucerPatternity blue and white striped crockery set Richard BrendonRichard Brendon meets Patternity teaware and crockery

A collection that I have grown very fond of is Reflect. I love the concept of the designs and the unique beauty that each one displays. Reflect brings back life into antique saucers that are missing their corresponding teacup and pairs them with a platinum or gold gilded replacement, highly reflective to capture the patterns of the saucer below, essentially continuing the design onto the cup. I love this idea that an antique piece that would have often been discarded has the opportunity to become a new contemporary piece, loved once again in someone's home. 

Richard Brendon fluted glassware and decanterRichard Brendon Fluted new collection

Showcasing his latest collection "Fluted" at Maison & Objet, I was delighted to get a first-hand experience of the designs and experience the fine quality of the product. Partnering with Gleneagles to produce a fine hand-crafted crystal collection, the designs have been inspired by the cocktail culture and style of the 1920's. As with many cocktail glasses of the Art Deco era, the stemmed pieces are elegantly light and perfectly proportionate. The tumblers have a firm weight that allows you to experience the drink as it was done best.  Fluted remains true to the brand, creating contemporary pieces with subtle detailing, inspired by historical styles and works.

Diamond collection with diamond crystalCrystal glassware diamond detail Richard Brendon

The Dimond collection marked a move from Brendon into a new material, expanding his business into crystal barware. Inspired by the large diamond cut glasses, a familiar sight to a traditional table or bar setting, Brendon has given his designs a contemporary twist with a tight cut diamond pattern that has been constrained to the bottom of the glass. The collection consists of a decanter, mixing glass and ice bucket to compliment the highball, double old fashioned, single old-fashioned and shot glass designs. 

Richard Brendon Willow teacup with bird detailingClassic teacup designs from Richard Brendon

Details from Willow is another equally characterful collection that I had to mention from my visit. The iconic Willow pattern, familiar to many of you has been captured and contained within small circles, highlighting the best parts of the design. This minimalist take on such a detailed design also gives the set a contemporary twist that brings this collection in line with the styles of the modern day. A beautiful appreciation of iconic style without trying to replicate or imitate something so precious. 

For further details and to see the full collection from Richard Brendon products and designs, click to view the official website. 



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