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Martyn White

Posted on January 30 2017

A brand discovery that was love at first sight, AYTM transform furniture and accessory design into works of art that capture the eye whilst challenging form and materials.

My first visit to Maison & Objet was definitely one that I will look back with fondness. A huge collection of brands, iconic work and inspirational designs, ranging from established brands that are hundreds of years old to designers just starting out. In my final post covering the exhibition, I wanted to share with you a brand that I discovered at the show and instantly fell in love with. Whilst I am sure that many of you will already know AYTM, I was stopped in my tracks, caught by the amazing contemporary pieces on display. Here are just a few of my favourite designs on their stand. 

AYTM Solum table at Maison & Objet AYTM Hydria collection of bowls and vases

The mesmerising Hydria vases (directly above) were the designs to catch my eye. Their fascinating matte finish appears soft to touch, almost as the design has a rubber coating. As you can see from the photo above, not only does the light reflect off these designs beautifully, the finish still allows you to see the colourful form of the stem within. The Hydria collection is currently available in three size variations; tall, low and wide, and two colour matte colour finishes; walnut and black.

AYTM Vitreus collection at Maison & ObjetAYTM Grasil candle holders Maison & Objet

Other designs prominent on the stand were the Tota collection (see below) of multicoloured vessels ranging from small display jars to large multifunctional bowls and vases. The collection is incredibly appealing due to its simplicity of design, diverse uses and combinations of colours and sizes, allowing buyers to mix and match to create their own unique displays. The Tota collection is available in four glass colours; Forest, Rose, Navy and black, complete with a polished brass lid. 

AYTM Tota bowl large at Maison & Objet AYTM Tota collection of bowls at Maison & Objet

The final two pieces that I wanted to share are the Solum tables (top of post) in short and tall variations. These decorative brass side tables with Art Deco style granite bases are a true example of the brand and their ability to deliver something different to the market. Whilst many companies often stay safe and simple, it is refreshing to see that AYTM aren't afraid to inject personality, character and charm into their designs to stand out and stop them in their tracks. 

For further details on AYTM and their products, click to view their official website. 



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