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Martyn White

Posted on January 18 2015

The finest selections of tea sets and teaware designs from iconic brands including Wedgwood, Royal Albert, Pip Studio and Villeroy & Boch. 

There really is nothing better than sitting back, socialising and enjoying a beautiful afternoon's tea. This British tradition has become increasingly popular in recent years, bolstered by many of the top hotels and restaurants providing a service with lavish tea sets and elegant cake stands, enough to make your mouth water. This is a luxury that should not remain confined behind the walls of trendy hotels, but one that can be enjoyed within the comfort of your home. With such a wide choice available in an expanding luxury market, I have selected four brands that represent the very best in luxury teaware. Elegant designs that are traditionally inspired, these sets are sure to impress and a perfect way to add a sophisticated edge to an afternoon tea session.

Wedgwood and Royal Albert luxury teaware collections

Wedgwood - Butterfly Bloom Collection

A - Cream and Sugar (Limited availability) | B - Espresso Cup and Saucer (set of 2) | C - Teapot 0.37Ltr | D - Teacup and Saucer Blue and Pink (Additional plates not included) | E - 3-Tier Cake Stand

Royal Albert - Mirander Kerr Collection

F - Teacups and Saucers (Set of 4) | G - Blessings Small Cake Stand | H - 3-Tier Cake Stand | I - Friendship Teapot 1.25Ltr | J - Friendship Mug Turquoise 0.4Ltr

Pip Studio and Villeroy & Boch Teaware collections


Pip Studio - Pip Royal Collection

A - Egg Cup (Sold Singularly) | B - Storage Jar Large | C - Jug Small | D - Sugar Bowl | E - Pretzel Bowl | F - Yoghurt Bowl | G - Tea Pot

Villeroy & Boch - Anmut Bloom Collection

H - Breakfast Cup & Saucer 2pcs | I - Coffee Cup & Saucer 2pcs | J - Universal Creamer 6 Pers. | K - Universal Teapot 6 Pers. | L - Deep Plate 24cm | M - Bowl | N - Espresso Cup & Saucer 2pcs


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