Luxury Party Season Essentials

Martyn White

Posted on December 27 2014

Party season essentials to help make the most of an event or gathering. Celebrate in luxury with the finest crystal and barware designs to take the presentation to the next level.

With Christmas well and truly behind us, the leftovers have been eaten and the wrapping paper has been cleared up and life returns to normal... for a few more days. It is time to prepare for what this season is all about and get ready for the party season. Gathering of friends to reminisce about the past year and celebrate the things to come, this is the perfect time to invest in barware that can take you into the new year with class, style and sophistication. I have selected just a few of my favourite items from the luxury brands that know everything that is needed to know about putting on a great show to take you into the new year in style.

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Party Season essentials 2016 selection

1. Waterford | Elegance Tall Decanter - A very elegantly designed crystal decanter with beautiful and simple detailing around the neck, perfect for serving wine whilst entertaining.

2. Waterford | Elegance Short Decanter - The shorter designed Elegance decanter is perfect for serving spirits and would make a beautiful addition to a bar or dining set.

3. LINLEY | Cocktail Box - The Holy Grail of cocktail sets, this LINLEY designed cocktail box contains all that you will need to host a cocktail party with sophistication and elegance. Only the finest products have been used and there is even a hidden drawer and mirror with cocktail recipes etched into the glass. This will

4. Ercuis | Silver-Plated Ice Tongs - An item so often looked over, these silver plated ice tongs are an essential for hosting a brilliant event, no drink is complete without the use of ice and these ice tongs are the perfect way to deliver the ice.

5. Georg Jensen | Wine Corkscrew - It is the smaller details that create a fantastic event and this beautifully designed wine corkscrew will help the flow of wine through the evening.

6. Riedel | Eve Decanter - combining art and function together, this Eve Decanter makes the perfect centrepiece for a fine evening.

7. Lee Broom | Half Cut - Designs that are so mesmerising and unique, Lee Broom never fails to impress in creating a product that stands out above the rest. Great combinations that can work together for a highly customisable set.

8. LSA International | Madrid Ice Bucket - A simple design that accentuates the contents of the bucket. The Madrid Ice Bucket adds a touch of class whilst fulfilling the important job of keeping the champagne cool for your event.

9. L'Orfèvrerie D'Anjou10 | Sosso Gold Champagne Bucket - When functionality is not enough, the Sosso Champagne Bucket can step in and add a touch of modern class to an event. Available in over ten colours, there will be one to suit every event out there.

10. Leopold | Jigger - A vintage design for creating drinks in a classic setting. This silver plated measurer is an essential for the bar in helping to create the perfect tasting cocktails all evening.

11. Nambe | Twist Cocktail Shaker - Why go for normal when you can have items such as the Twist Cocktail Shaker. An item that says so much just by looking at it and can say even more when in use. This cocktail shaker will surely get the guests having a go at creating their own cocktails with an intriguing design.

12. Wedgwood | Vera Wang Duchesse Champagne Flutes - Only Wedgwood and Vera Wang can achieve the ultimate level of sophistication in glassware. These Duchesse Champagne Flutes are the perfect accessory to bring in the new year.


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