Luxury Glassware Collections: Champagne Flutes

Martyn White

Posted on March 24 2015

The stunning and luxurious designs of the champagne flute, designed by some of the most iconic glassware designers in the world including Wedgwood and Waterford.

A glass that is known for celebration, sophistication and elegance. The Champagne flute is perfect for popular dry Champagnes and sparkling wines. The tall slender shape is designed to maximise carbonation of a drink, keeping it fizzy for a longer period of time due to its relatively small surface area. The classic design is a tall narrow bowl, curving subtly outwards from its stem, however, there are now many variations, shapes and designs to choose from which can prove difficult when searching for the perfect glass. I have selected four luxurious designs that fit a range of requirements, each perfecting a different setting and style to help you discover a glass best suited to you.

Luxury champagne flutes from Wedgwood, Waterford and Chefn' Sommelier

Vera Wang / Wedgwood | Sequin Flute - A classic design with elegant detailing. This glass is perfect for those wishing to match with multiple place settings and events whilst having subtle detailing to emphasise the luxury and beauty of the glass.

Waterford | Clarendon Cobalt Flute - Designed with luxury and richness at its heart, this cobalt blue champagne flute will stand out at any event or table setting. Perfect for those wishing to add drama to a simple table setting, this is the glass for you.

Chefn' Sommelier | Open Up Effervescent Flute - This stunning tulip shaped champagne flute does not need any detailing to stand out from the crowd. The delicate and flourishing shape gives the glass it's unique characteristics whilst not taking away attention from a table setting.

John Rocha / Waterford | Muse Eris Flute - The classic designed Champagne flute with a twist. The intricate detailing adds a level of luxury whilst keeping to a traditional design. This glass is the perfect addition to a table or event that requires that extra sparkle of richness.


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