Luxury Glassware Collections: Champagne Coupe

Martyn White

Posted on April 09 2015

The old beauty that has come back into fashion. The Champagne coupe, elegant designs by iconic brands Lee Broom and Waterford. 

The Champagne coupe, a glass that was incredibly popular in the 1930s - 1960s is coming back into fashion, with many of the big name designers offering ranges and designs of this classic icon. Due to its broad surface area, the glass is best suited to sweeter Champagnes rather than the more widely available dry Champagne due to the drink losing carbonation at a faster pace. It has a sophisticated look and is perfect if you want to host parties or events with an elegant twist. I have selected two brands below that have created some of the most elegant and visually stunning versions of the Champagne coupe.

Waterford luxury champagne coupe

Waterford will always be the luxury glassware staple for any home. The brand manages to create beautiful contemporary glassware that remain true to their traditional values, creating works of art in themselves. Displayed above are the two styles of Champagne coupe that really represent the best in luxury glassware. Elegance represents the contemporary twist on the original design, simple with a strong form. Mixology creates a modern day classic with beautiful detail that focuses all the attention on the glass itself.

Waterford Champagne coupe collections

Mixology is available to purchase as a four set. Each glass has a unique style and detailed pattern, a popular trend with glasses at the moment, creating a miss match of pattern and allowing every glass to have its own character.

Lee Broom on the rock champagne coupe and marble glassware

Lee Broom is an incredibly talented British designer, taking creativity and elegance in design to a new level. He produces products that stand out above the rest, often becoming miniature works of art, telling stories personal to each design. The two designs of Champagne coupe that I have selected from the Lee Broom are the Half Cut designs, made from crystal decanter stoppers and On the Rock, a set of glassware that is designed around the incredible Carrara marble.

Lee Broom Half Cut Champagne Coupe designs

Half Cut is available in four different designs of Champagne coupe and matching wine glass styles, named Round, Square, Cone and Dome. These designs are especially great to mix and match, creating different settings at a dinner table or to add a beautiful and artistic twist to an event.


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