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Martyn White

Posted on March 05 2015

Add luxury to a table setting with beautiful designs and sets from Cupitol, Alessi, Villeroy & Boch and Carrs. Contemporary, modern and traditional designs. 

Whilst often overlooked, cutlery is an incredibly important part of a dinner setting that can finish a meal with finesse. Priorities are usually spent with the crockery set, making sure that you have the latest patterns and styles with the cutlery taking second place. It is important to remember that cutlery compliments a crockery set whilst also completing a table setting. One without the other would be similar to having a bed without any sheets, which is a definite no when it comes to interior design and the perfect home. With so many quality brands each leaving their own mark in cutlery design, it has never been easier to select a design to fit your every need and style. I would always recommend a high-quality set that you can get the most use out of in both your daily life and also entertaining guests at dinner parties. A good quality set may cost more but always remember just how often they are used and how long they will last. I have selected four brands that represent the very best in cutlery design. Each covering a different area of design, there will surely be one brand to suit your dining tastes.

Luxury Cutlery Collections Cutipol and Alessi Designs

Cupitol is the perfect brand for those that love colours and textures. Individual designs that will attract all the attention at the dining room table.

CUPITOL | Duna PVD Black 24 Piece Set

CUPITOL | Duna PVD Bronze 24 Piece Set

Alessia are a brand that emphasises shape. Perfect for a table setting looking to have that modern look with a striking twist.

ALESSI | MU Cutlery Set

ALESSI | Santiago Cutlery Set

Luxury Cutlery Collections Villeroy & Boch and Carrs collections

Villeroy & Boch is the pinnacle of contemporary luxury. Simple designs with ultra luxurious finishes, these sets are perfect for people looking to add a taste of sophistication at the dining table to compliment the food.

VILLEROY & BOCH | Ella Partially Gold Plated Cutlery Set

Carrs are the ultimate in luxury, perfect for those looking for a traditional dining setting with all the finer details in design. This cutlery set a perfect example of a style that will always look good at a dinner table.
CARRS | La Regence Cutlery Set



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