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Martyn White

Posted on May 11 2015

Highlights of the 2015 London Design Festival including Lee Broom, Tom Dixon, Decorex, Aram and Somerset House. 

The London Design Festival ran from 19th – 27th September this year and I covered thirteen events across the duration of the festival, discovering the very best in interior and furniture design. From the new starters on the block to the long-established brands, the London Design Festival has something for everyone. Below are my highlights of the thirteen events that I attended and some of the stunning discoveries that I made.



My final visit to the London Design Festival 2015 was to Tent & Superbrands at the Old Truman Brewery. There was so much incredible talent on display with unique and fresh perspectives on design. There was a much more intimate and connected feeling at these shows which was refreshing. Whilst you can get taken away by visual displays and impressive stands, these shows had a direct focus on the designs and the beauty of development behind them.

London Design Festival Tent and Superbrands eventLondon Design Festival Tent and Superbrands event

To see the full exhibitor list and to discover more from this exhibition, visit the website HERE


One of the most impressive displays I have discovered over LDF15 has been the gorgeous Lee Broom store in Shoreditch. Such intricate designs, created with luxurious materials are complemented throughout the store by the impressive floral displays. Each display captures a different colour, look and feel to create something that can only be seen in person to get the full experience or luxury, beauty and the floral smell.

London Design Festival Lee Broom Flower ShowLondon Design Festival Lee Broom Flower Shop


A big highlight of the London Design festival for me has been attending 100% Design at its iconic venue of Olympia. There were a huge amount of fantastic brands all exhibiting and some of the stands were the best I have ever seen in a trade fair. As you can see from the images below, there really is a brand to cover all tastes, personalities and genres of design.

The London Design Festival 100 Percent DesignLondon Design Festival 100 Percent DesignLondon Design Festival 100 Percent Design London Design Festival 100 Percent Design

For further information about 100% Design and to see the full exhibitors list, click HERE to visit their website.


On Thursday, I visited Focus at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. What makes this event different to the others is that the design centre is a permanent feature to the area, established brands have their own showrooms so they can show off their products with fewer restrictions that an exhibition stand would give. A personal favourite from my visit was Christopher Guy, displaying mesmerising designs in their brand new and incredibly stunning showroom.

London Design Festival Focus 2015


Wednesday saw me visit the Designjunction for their press launch. Hosted in two locations, Victoria House and The College, the event hosts an incredible amount of new talent alongside long-established brands. There is such an air of creativity that makes the Designjunction fantastic and I have discovered some incredibly inspiring designers. I would strongly recommend visiting this event but must stress to allow yourself ample time to walk around as you can literally get lost amongst the creativity! Below are just a few highlights from the event.

London Design Festival Designjunction 2015London Design Festival Designjunction 2015 London Design Festival DesignjunctionLondon Design Festival Designjunction

To find out more information about the Designjunction and see what exhibitors are displaying, click HERE to be taken to the main London website.


Tuesday saw me visit one of the iconic homes to The London Design Festival, Somerset House. This inspiring, home to creativity and art is housing some fantastic displays during LDF, including; Marc Quinn: Frozen Waves, Broken Sublimes (The beautiful stainless steel sculptures in the Fountain Court) Ten designers in the West Wing and Spine just to name a few! Below are a few favourite captures of my journey through Somerset House.

London Design Festival Somerset HouseLondon Design Festival Somerset House London Design Festival Somerset House

To find out more about these works and events taking place at Somerset House, Click HERE to visit their website.


On Monday evening, I attended the Aram London Design Festival party. Aram opened up their store and gallery spaces to many guests including press, designers, artists and furniture enthusiasts. With so many floors of luxurious products and iconic brands, it was hard for me not to take photos of absolutely everything! Below are just a few favourite pieces currently available to purchase and some other images of the evening's events.

London Design Festival Aram storeLondon Design Festival Aram Store

To find out more information about any of these products on display, or discover more from Aram, click HERE to be taken to their website.


Monday saw me travel to one of the larger events at the London Design Festival, Decorex. With such an incredible selection of luxury brands all under one roof, it was hard not to take photos of everything. Below are just a few favourite items and brands from the event. If you are planning on visiting Decorex, it is best to give yourself a whole day to see and experience everything. From fine dining, champagne and seminars to lighting, fabrics and luxury furniture, Decorex really does have it all.

London Design Festival DecorexLondon Design Festival DecorexLondon Design Festival DecorexLondon Design Festival Decorex

Decorex is open until 23rd September this year, to view the exhibitor list and find out what is going on, click HERE to visit the Decorex 2015 website.


On Sunday, I was incredibly excited to have a tour of the Mondrian at Sea Containers house. The Mondrian is a personal favourite of mine, not only because it has been designed by Tom Dixon but because of what Mondrian represents in luxury and design as a hotel. The whole space is luxurious from top to bottom, it feels like you are walking through a giant and interactive piece of luxurious art. Covering the foyer, restaurants, bars, lounges and a hotel suite, this your is a fantastic way to appreciate the finer details and services provided by this magnificent hotel.

London Design Festival Mondrian Sea Containers HouseLondon Design Festival Mondrian Sea Containers HouseMondrian Sea Containers House Tour London Design FestivalLondon Design Festival Mondrian Tour Sea Containers House

To discover more from my experience on the Mondrian tour, check out the EVENTS page. If you like to book a stay or wine and dine in one of the restaurants, click HERE to be taken to the Mondrian at Sea Containers website.


Saturday 19th September, I decided to spend the day exploring the V&A museum for all the London Design Festival treasures. With twenty-five LDF related features to view throughout the museum, I would definitely recommend allowing a day to view the full collection. The main highlight for me was seeing Curiosity Cloud, a collection of 250 mouth-blown glass globes, each containing a hand fabricated insect that magically appears to move within the glass, creating a feature that you will only believe when you see it. Other iconic features include the Mexico Pavilion, The Ogham Wall, Mise-En-Abyme and Zotem just to name a few.

London Design Festival V&ALondon Design Festival V&ALondon Design Festival V&A

As there are far too many works to mention, please see the captions on the images for each art piece. I would also strongly recommend viewing the V&A website for further details on these works to plan your visit by clicking HERE. You can discover more of my discoveries at LDF by viewing the EVENTS page.


On Friday I had the privilege of being invited to the Multiplex, London's first pop up department store, created by Tom Dixon, hosted in the old Selfridges hotel. The whole experience was fantastic, there was a beautiful grittiness to the surroundings which linked all the departments together, creating an experience unknown to luxury retail. Tom Dixon has managed to capture something incredibly unique which I hope will contribute to the future of retail.

Tom Dixon Multiplex London Design FestivalTom Dixon Multiplex London Design FestivalTom Dixon Multiplex London Design FestivalTom Dixon Multiplex London Design Festival

Discover more from the Multiplex on my EVENTS page.


I started the London Design festival off with an event at Moooi & Dezeen, exhibiting some of their most iconic and intriguing pieces. What I love about the brand is that each piece has a truly individual style that makes a statement, yet they can all be linked back to the brand. From vibrant and mesmerising rug prints to space age, sculptural lighting, this brand covers the full spectrum of fun, daring and inspirational design.

Moooi and Dezeen event London Design FestivalMoooi and Dezeen event London Design Festival


Thank you for reading. If you liked this post, here are a few more recommendations relating to the London Design Festival.

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